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What is a Yoni?

Yoni is a sanskrit word that means ‘source’ or 'sacred space’. The space it is referring to are a woman's genitals and reproductive organs. But it’s not just referring to anatomy, Yoni is a word that also encompasses the energy and potential for wisdom, life, and power that comes from this space.

So while there may be a lot of woo-woo connotations to this word, I still love it for the holistic meaning it gives this important part of a woman’s body. In contrast the latin origin of the word vagina, means ‘sheath'.... as in where you would store a sword. Call me crazy, but I prefer to define my lady parts as a sacred space.  

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Turned Down For What?

Who or what has you turned down?

I know it might be a strange question, but this DJ Snake/Lil' John song inspired it. Check it out below to see for yourself if you haven't already! If you've been feeling a little drained, uninspired, frustrated, or numb…. there's a good chance that you've turned down the dial on an important part of your self expression. And while that part may need to get expressed in a number of ways, I'll bet in its purest form its tied to your sexuality...

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Your Orgasmic Potential

Pleasure has moved from being a luxury to a priority in my life since I've learned how it is connected to our health and well-being.

Beyond the power of feeling good, It's about unleashing the orgasmic potential that exists in these bodies.

And the power that it holds to relieve our stress, balance our hormones, and a number of other benefits that improve our quality of life.

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What Turns You On

What turns you on? Do you know? I had to really think about this one myself. I know in the moment,when desire arises. But I don't spend much time thinking about what causes it to happen. And it can change as we change… so while we may think we know what turns us on based on what's worked in the past, will that still spark you in this moment? 


Desire is one of the most powerful forces at work in our lives.  It pulls us forward, fueling creation, evolution, and other fun explosive activites. Knowing how to light our own fire is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves and our lovers.  How often have you looked to your partner to know how to please you? And when they are not getting it right... do you find yourself feeling frustrated and unfulfilled?

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