Private Sessions are interactive experiences where I provide a safe space to explore your emotions, sensuality, power, and your connection to the elemental forces in nature. I empower you to feel what’s happening below the level of your mind and to begin listening to the wisdom in your body. And as you learn how to listen to the sensations and impulses within, the layers of tension, guilt, shame, judgements, and unworthiness that keep us from feeling good in our bodies begin to dissolve. This helps you return to a more innocent state... one that allows us access to more of everything, including love.


The work I share, comes from wisdom & practices I have learned and used in my own life, and the lives of hundreds of clients. The roots of this work lies in Tantric and Taoist lineages, two complimentary paths which have both been around for thousands of years, along with wisdom from modern science. (Click here for a more in-depth explanation of Tantra)

I also always incorporate playfulness, pleasure, and relaxation into what I teach, since these are important foundations for opening up to life. The practices are gentle, beginner friendly exercises, that use breath, sound, movement, and visualization. There is no nudity involved, and you will be supported in going at a pace that works for you.

We will meet weekly over a period of 1- 3 months. Each session builds upon the next, laying a foundation for healing past heartbreaks and body traumas, full body orgasms and multi-orgasmic experiences, and empowering experiences in love-making and relationship.



You’ll have a chance to:

  • Release shame and pain and open to increased levels of pleasure and love.
  • Access the courage to relate from vulnerability.
  • Re-claim your voice & communicate your boundaries and needs.
  • Remove blocks to freer sexual expression.
  • Learn to to access the wisdom in your womb.
  • Fall in love with your body, exactly as it is.
  • Increase your orgasmic capacity.
  • Expand your understanding of how orgasm works.


There is no need to wait for the perfect partner to come along to engage in these practices. The quality of every relationship begins with you, and the transformation happens in your body first. As you learn to connect with all parts of yourself in deeper ways, you will have more access to love & pleasure with or without a partner. And the energy you learn how to cultivate will make you more radiant, sensual, & powerful. Which has helped many of my clients attract the relationship they desire.


Romantic partnerships, especially long-term ones... are full of challenges. The tensions we accumulate in day-to-day life and the ideas and beliefs we accumulate about our partner can erode the desire and intimacy we once felt with them. As we stay in partnership the richness comes from learning how to turn challenges into opportunities for deeper intmacy. Through sessions you and your partner will learn how to re- connect to the present moment and each other, which can literally breathe new life into your union.




Any of the Space For Love Workshops or Events can be customized for a private group. There is no sweeter way to celebrate important moments or to share a special experience with friends, than through sacred ceremony. Please contact us for more information.




  • Each session is 1 - 1.5 hrs.

  • We can work in person (Santa Monica) or Virtually (virtual sessions are just as effective.)

  • Each session is customized for you based on what we are working to shift together.
  • There is a progression that starts with emotional clearing and awakening love in the body, and then advancing to deeper layers, igniting the sexual energy and learning how to use it for awakening everything from orgasm to expanded states of consciousness.
  • Together we will unlock your potential for love, using breathe, movement & meditation.
  • In between sessions you receive homeplay to keep the process going.
  • You also have access to unlimited email & text support from me. And one or two 20 min. phone sessions depending on which package you choose.


     I offer sessions in packages of 4 and 8... I find that meeting weekly for at least a month, allows us to build on the work we do, ensuring that you get the most out of our time together. Most clients end up doing at least 8 sessions once they feel the shifts start. If we get to work together longer, we can go into deeper layers that require a foundation in this work to experience.


This work is for you if YOU ARE INTERESTED IN:

  • Quieting your mind
  • Unlocking your orgasmic potential
  • Awakening your sexual desire
  • Inspired Creativity
  • Ease of Manifestation
  • Dissolving body discomfort or shame around sexuality
  • Relationships grounded in intimacy & connection
  • Being honored and cherished by a romantic partner
  • Cultivating your Feminine or Masculine energy
  • Finding Forgiveness
  • Radiant Beauty
  • A renewable inner well of energy
  • Feeling at home wherever you go




This work is not for you if:

  • You are looking for a magic pill to fix yourself.
  • You are looking for a magic pill to fix your partner.
  • You don’t want to be responsible for transforming your life.
  • You are looking for new sexual techniques to 'get off'.
  • You just want to feel good, without having to feel anything else.
  • You are attached to what you already know about yourself, or how sex & relationship work.
Workshops and events.jpg
KamaYoga is a powerful practice blending Tantra, Yoga, and Qi Gong to experience more pleasure in your body and relationships.
Body Bliss is a sensual movement practice for women. In this 5 week class series will lay the foundation for being more connected to your body, sensuality, intuition, and the realms of nature & the Goddess. for more info visit

This ceremony is crafted to commune with the spirit of the cacao plant and receive its potent medicine which is known to open the heart.

Through guided meditation, sacred circle, movement & sound, you will have a chance to experience the majesty of cacao. The journey can be customized for special occasions and last from 1-2hrs.

What is Tantra.jpg

Tantra is a rich spiritual tradition that dates back thousands of years and contains many different lineages, rituals, & practices. In classical Tantra you will find mantra & yantra at its core, in Neo Tantra you will find more somatic, and sacred sexuality practices. But all Tantric teachings are ultimately about union and relationship.

I believe relationships can be our greatest teachers in this life. When we bump up against ‘another’, its easier for us to see & feel ourselves.... although what we usually see first are all the ways the other person or thing is wrong, insensitive, and doesn’t know how to meet our needs.

Where we are challenged in relationship, is where we will learn the most about the parts of us that create separation or connection.

Most of the ways we do this are unconscious. They evolved in our childhoods, as ways to protect ourselves or get our needs met. With good guidance, we can illuminate the tensions & habits, that keep us stuck in relationship patterns that don’t serve us. I’ve found that the most effective way to transform these patterns, is to go where they live in our mind, body, & spirit.

Tantra is one of the few spiritual paths that views the body as a gateway to awakening. So through the things that come with being human, like our feelings & our sexuality, we can learn how to relate to ourselves and all of life in a way that can return us to our most natural state which is love. Tantra is about the love between the Form & the Formless, the union of Shiva (divine masculine) & Shakti (divine feminine). It is about how all of existence comes from and is relationship.

S4L_what is tantra-02.jpg

I stumbled onto the Tantric path at a time when I was craving a deeper intimacy with my partner. We had been together for 5 years and while we were still in love, I was not always feeling that love present in our lovemaking. We had fallen into patterns and ways of connecting that allowed us to do life together, but left me with a longing I couldn’t name. It would be many more years before I understood this longing was to experience something Divine . Both in myself, in him, and in the act of making love.

Tantra was the first spiritual path that gave me an orientation where my sexuality and desire where not things separate from my spirituality. Most religions I had come across spoke about sex and desire in a way that either condemned it, or wanted me to transcend it.

But Tantra offered me a new understanding that my sexuality and my body could be one of my greatest teachers, and show me the places I had closed to love. What I was looking for in lovemaking and in my connection with my partner, was what I was looking for in life. I wanted to be touched deeply, to feel connected, to feel embraced for all that I am.

I did not know that to receive these things, there were many things I would have to see, touch, know, & let go of. Stepping onto the Tantric path has meant coming into deeper relationship with myself and subsequently the rest of life. It is a day to day practice. And here's what's come home for me through practice. There was nothing to fix about me or the people I love. Nothing was broken. There was only the challenge of staying in relationship to everything. When someone or something in life shows up in a way that triggers me, how do I still embrace them and my anger, my fear, my sadness, etc. How do I let the intensity of life, whether it is great joy or great pain, move through me without abandoning my body or running away. When my relationship ended after 9 years, I got to learn how good of a student I had been. I stayed present with my pain, my anger, my fear, and all of the sensations those things created in my body. I let it burn, I let it feel hopeless, I let myself be numb, I let the tears come whenever and wherever they needed to. And I experienced my new found capacity to meet a level of intensity that I could not before Tantra. In the past I would have coped with drugs or alcohol, seeking affection from other men, and shutting down my heart. But by being able to stay present with the intensity life was bringing my way, that intensity delivered me to more love, and more of myself.

To stay in relationship with whatever life is dishing up, has meant developing what I now consider to be super powers....


These superpowers have gone too long with negative stigmas attached to them... I’ve always known I was sensitive, but it always seemed like a burden or a problem for the people around me. The attitude I often got was that the world was going to eat me up if I didn’t toughen up. I think this happens to all of us in some way. Just look at how sensitive babies are, to light, sound, touch.... they are open, automatically taking in and responding to life. It's what nature does... taking in information from the environment and then responding accordingly. Without making it mean something or creating a story around how inconsiderate the clouds are for blocking the sun today :) Tantra gave me a new orientation for my Sensitivity as a super power that allows me to really listen to the world around me and how its impacting my body. It allows me to feel the people I’m in relationship with and sense what might be going on with them. Embracing my sensitivity has allowed me to get OK with having feelings and expressing them. No matter how unpleasant those feelings may be. Its all information to me now, and knowledge is power.


Sensitivity I learned goes hand in hand with Vulnerability. Vulnerability is what I’ve learned from taking chances. Chances like letting people get close to my messy parts. Letting myself be seen in my sadness, my anger, my silliness, my nakedness. Its meant being OK with anything I might think makes me ‘look bad’, like making mistakes, or not having the answers. The more sensitive I’ve become, the scarier it can be to remain open in these spaces. Nothing can hurt more than sharing myself and having that rejected or turned against me. But I’ve learned that there is a kind of strength required to really be vulnerable. I have had to trust that my safety lies in something bigger than me controlling myself, or a person, or the situation. Learning how to speak up for myself when I’m hurt or need something to be different, and being met by people who have the capacity to hear me and respond, has helped me grow this super power. The other thing that has helped me be vulnerable, is learning how to create boundaries. Which has to be a section unto itself because it is so important. In a nutshell the vulnerability I have learned from Tantra has made it OK to be more of who I really am in all situations. And that has brought me more love than anything else.


The other super important piece that Tantra has given me is a deeper understanding of boundaries. Instead of boundaries being these immovable stances I make about myself and what works for me, as they once felt. Now I understand that boundaries are not fixed, they are even permeable. And they are a part of nature. Boundaries are what allow for relationship to happen at all. In the world of duality there is an ‘I' and an other (even if we really are all one). There is a place that can be defined as one thing ending and another thing beginning. In the space between these two things there is a boundary and the quality of that boundary affects they way these things meet and relate. There are boundaries on many levels of existence, and these superpowers not only allow me to be open to more of life, they make sex more awesome! They make it possible for sex to actually be an act of making love. My sensitivity allows me to feel my body and my partner. My vulnerability lets me be naked as humans there are not just physical boundaries but emotional and energetic ones as well.

Learning my boundaries has been an on-going process because as I change, my boundaries change. But what has been so empowering about Tantra has been discovering my inner ‘Yes’ and my ‘No’ and the power they hold to free me. I’ve been a bit of a people-pleaser all my life, afraid to upset people, which made me a bit of a ‘yes' woman. But as I learned to listen to my body and listen to what a YES really feels like in my body. I saw all the ways I was saying ‘yes' when it was not true for me. All the ways I had betrayed what my body and my spirit truly desired, in order to make myself more acceptable or lovable to another. There was something about ‘No’ that used to feel unkind or unloving, mostly because I hated the way No felt when I received it. But after seeing ways for two people to honor what is true for them and still stay connected, still stay in relationship, all of that began to shift for me.


Surrender is a bigger on-going exploration. To me its the big ’S’ like the one in Self and Spirit. When I feel into what surrender is for me, I think not of defeat but of orgasm. That moment where I am not in control, rather I’m being moved by a force larger than my individual self. A moment where my body and my being are a conduit for electricity, impulse, and sensation beyond what my mind could conceive of. Where I’m touched not because I’m grasping for something, but because something takes hold of me and I let go into it. To me surrender is one of the sweetest things Tantra has given me a direct experience of. A chance to be in this body and let it be moved and touched by something majestic. A chance to be in the present moment instead of the machinations of my mind.... sweet sweet surrender.


These superpowers not only allow me to be open to more of life. They make sex more awesome! They make it possible for sex to actually be an act of making love. My sensitivity allows me to feel my body and my partner. My vulnerability lets me be naked and be seen and loved. It gives me courage to enter unknown spaces with my lover. Boundaries give me the power of my ‘yes’ and ‘no’, allowing me to be clear with myself and my lover about what works. And surrender makes it possible for my whole body to light up with orgasm, and to touch something profound beyond this physical world through my connection with my lover and the moment. Tantra is a path that has empowered me as a human being.

It has given me access to a relationship with myself, my lover, this world, and God, I didn’t even know was possible. It has helped heal my life-long yearning for connection, tenderness, touch, love, and bliss.It has taught me how to fill my own cup so I don’t have to lean on another person to do it. It has taught me how to tap an inner power that allows me to be more courageous in my actions and my expression. In short it is a path that keeps leading me to more Freedom and Love.


I LOVE my clients, seriously they make me feel like I have the best job in the world. I've watched clients find the courage to touch spaces they were afraid to go once they learn how to let the practices I teach support them. And when they embrace new parts of themselves, like magic they release what is no longer in alignment with them leaving them with more space for love, pleasure, and connection.



  • Positive shifts in attitudes about your body
  • Deepen your relationship with your Lady parts
  • More intimacy and soulful connections w/ loved ones
  • Increased energy, health, & vitality
  • More confidence around sensual and emotional expression
  • Reduced anxiety and stress levels
  • Relief from depression, fatigue and low libido


But I’ll let them tell you in their own words!


"Kamali's work is truly transformative. She helped my partner and i take our relationship to the next level spiritually, emotionally and sexually. We saw each other in new ways, and are now able to hold more powerful space for what each other needs and desires. We have learned so much about ourselves and the dynamics of our relationship from our work with her, and have also gained more skills for strengthening that relationship as we journey onward. We actually became pregnant a week after our first session with her, and I do believe that was in part due to the many ways that her work opened up beautiful new possibilities for our path together."
~ Chelsea & Gus

"Before I met Kamali, I had no idea what being 'connected' to my body even meant. How could I possibly be disconnected from something that was so much a part of me? Then I worked with Kamali, and she opened my eyes to an entirely new way to relate to my body and feel and work with the sexual energy that is the root of my creativity and compassion and boldness. It has truly been a fun and fascinating learning experience to discover what my body tells me if I just stop to listen. Kamali is a wonderful teacher, she really has a gift for making people feel comfortable as she guides them into the deeper parts of themselves. I would definitely recommend working with Kamali!!"

~ Andrew

"Before working with Kamali, I was experiencing deep pain, anger and resentment as I was going through a divorce , but after our time together, I was able to release those emotions in a positive way and connect to my heart and body again. And as a result my old life disappeared and something new and much more beautiful emerged. Every aspect of my life has shifted - I got a new job, a new man, and most importantly a new relationship with myself. I would definitely recommend working with Kamali because the experience of opening up to possibilities you have never even imagined are magical and deeply transformative. The only way to truly understand how powerful this work is, is to do it yourself. There will be no regrets." ~ Melissa

"Working with Kamali brought a whole new realm of possibility into our relationship. I don't think either of us realized the pattern of protection and expectation we had developed between us over time. Of course to a certain degree this is what brought us to Kamali- an intangible longing to unstick ourselves from what had become normal interaction for us. Exploring this with her guidance gave us access to the possibilities that await once we set time aside to cultivate our love from a place of pure presence. The practices we learned from Kamali have been extremely valuable and have helped us to create a recurring sacred space to feel safe sharing what we truly desire from one another and what we hope to grow together. So many thanks for what you do in this world!"
-Alyssa & Erik


"Entering into this space was scary and exciting at the same time. Kamali made me feel comfortable and safe to communicate about my innermost feelings in a way that helped me learn more about myself. I truly believe that the relationship I have now with my body and mind has greatly improved as I don't see them as a barrier to life but a way to explore. Please try this experience if you feel like your connection to living is missing or lacking. Everything exists inside and Kamali will definitely help you learn to listen” - Sidney

"I was seeking guidance to get back in touch with myself and to release intimacy fears after having surgery to remove fibroids. I luckily found my way to working with Kamali one on one to unlock the energy trapped inside of me and to heal for a healthy re-relationship with self and my partner. The sessions with Kamali forced me to start putting in the time to take power in healing myself which extended to reconnecting and expanding passion with my partner. Kamali is so uplifting and brought a gentle, wise guidance that my soul so appreciated. Work with her as soon as you can!” -Lauren

"Before I started working with Kamali, I was experiencing a great deal of disconnection from my body, I was lethargic most of the day and was experiencing trouble engaging my senses. After our time together I was surprised at just how unaware of my body I was and grateful that the work we did together awakened me. The prime reason I started working with Kamali was because in my state of disconnection I felt like I lost the charm and beauty that at one point in time easily attracted men to me. After working with Kamali and actively practicing the home play exercises my energy shifted and I noticed an immediate difference and while working with her had several men flirt with me and went out on two unexpected dates. I highly recommend Kamali, she is professional, caring and dedicated to making a difference in people's lives. I enjoyed every aspect of my experience, there were moments when I was scared to give into the practice and Kamali created a safe space that allowed me to let go of my fear so that I could get the most out of every session."
-Thanks, Shannon C.


"I can not say enough about the helper and teacher that Kamali has been in my journey to return to my authentic self. Kamali and her work have been instrumental in giving me the courage to breakthrough the self sabotaging thoughts, ideas and practices that have been holding me back from letting my light shine. After our time together I am a listener to my inner voice that guides me daily and am able to successfully navigate through each day's ebbs and flows whether negative or positive. I am more in touch with my body and emotions and as result I believe it has added more enjoyment in my relationship. I highly recommend Kamali to anyone who wants a safe space to breath and get more acquainted with yourself. I guarantee that if you do the work you will be changed and will hunger for more and more!"
-Thanks, Nicole


"As a woman whose life purpose is to empower others, I sometimes find taking on that much energy emotionally draining. It is then that I call on Kamali and her lovely bag of "center yourself" tricks. From her work with the divine feminine, to her breathing exercises and meditation, to her tantric work, Kamali is truly a one-stop shop for anyone looking to ignite or relight their internal flame. She is beautiful, loving and authentic. I honestly think she's magical and highly recommend working with her. Your life will be transformed."
-Tomiko Fraser Hines