Your Orgasmic Potential


Pleasure has moved from being a luxury to a priority in my life since I've learned how it is connected to our health and well-being.

Beyond the power of feeling good, It's about unleashing the orgasmic potential that exists in these bodies.

And the power that it holds to relieve our stress, balance our hormones, and a number of other benefits that improve our quality of life.


But there is so much stuff around orgasm. For better or worse it's a hot button.

But it seems to be a button we all want to touch in some way.

So whether you have an amazing connection to orgasm, or none at all, 

I'm here to tell you there's more available.

Here's a little secret to having Full-Body Orgasms….

Sensitivity is key.

There's not a whole lot of space to honor sensitivity in our modern urban lives.

There's so much stimulation hitting us from all directions, our senses are constantly being bombarded by input from the external world.

Being saturated in a stream of information, noises, smells, and energies, dulls the senses over time.

So we need things to be bigger, brighter, louder and faster to capture our attention.

Over time we need more intensity, to feel things.

The same is true of orgasm.


Our cultural context for what we typically call orgasm is pretty narrow, compared to all the possibilities of what it can be.

The webster's definition of orgasm is:

"The peak of the physical pleasurable sexual excitement caused by stimulation of the sexual organs, as in intercourse; in the male, it is usually accompanied by ejaculation."


There are so many limiting things about this definition, but I want to call attention to the word peak. That peak experience of climax is what most people understand orgasm to be. But that leaves out a whole lot of other orgasmic experiences. From my personal experience, orgasm becomes possible when energy is allowed to move freely through the body. And our senses are awake enough to feel that movement.

When orientating from this perspective a whole new world of orgasm becomes possible, including the Full Body kind.


When we create space to slow down and go into the quiet still spaces of what the breath feels like moving through the body.  And begin to tune into the subtle movements and sensations of our muscles and energies. We begin to wake up from within and re-sensitize, which leads to feeling more all over. 


Of course slowing down does not always feel sexy. It can be downright boring at first to step away from bigger, louder, faster.  Patience is required to open to our full orgasmic potential. Waking from the numbness that over-stimulation creates can take time. And there is a period where you may feel nothing before you begin to feel everything.  But if the explorer in you is ready to expand your orgasmic potential… You can begin with a simple practice:


In a relaxed, quiet space, take a few deep breaths down into your belly. 
Let your breath be gentle and take time to exhale any tension you're holding in the neck and shoulders. 
Then with your mouth relaxed open slightly,

Curl your tongue so that the tip can stroke the roof of your mouth.

Slowly move it forward and back from behind the teeth to the middle of your palette.

What sensations does this create?

Does it tickle?

Is it irritating?

Whatever you are feeling, tune into that.

And then see if it creates sensations anywhere else in your body.

Whatever your experience, you can feel good that you are taking a moment to wake up your senses and increase your orgasmic potential.


If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to learn a powerful practice that opens the door to full body orgasm, I'm teaching a class for Embody Tantra:


Tuesday June 3rd from 7-9p in Santa Monica, CA

Open to Men & Women

No partner or experience necessary

All are welcome