“I’m passionate about
restoring connection

where it has gone missing.”

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I’m Kamali and I have the awesome and unusual job of being a Love & Intimacy Coach. You may be wondering what that is or how I got here... or can you trust me to help you? You can get all those questions answered and much more by either reading or watching below.


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I’m a Brooklyn Girl, with a Global Heart from a childhood shaped by world travel and the International school I attended. Relationships and Spirituality have always been my passion.

My mom was my first introduction in life to spirituality and health. She planted a seed for wellness and consciousness that has bloomed in me and my other two sisters.

My dad was a renaissance man, he loves sensual things like good wine, food, music, & travel. He has an activist, community leader spirit, which he took into his law practice. Becoming one of only a handful independent Black Entertainment attorneys in the 80’s and starting a foundation to mentor more.

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My life is a continuation of their Spirits, mixed with the awesome sauce of my own Spirit which shapes everything I do! My friends and clients have called me an oracle, an angel, a priestess, a mind reader, a diplomat, and earth mama magic (my fav!). Which is super flattering, because I see myself more as a heart-centered creative being who’s been on an adventure of self- discovery, and service.

This adventure has included over 17 years of experience in the entertainment industry as an actor, writer, director and editor. And over 20 years of studying yoga, meditation, Tantra, Energy Healing, and other wellness & self-development modalities. And now, teaching and coaching hundreds of people around love, intimacy, and spirituality.


Yes, this means I help people reclaim the sacredness in their sexuality, and yes this can lead to being more orgasmic, and having amazing love-making that can last for hours.... But even more importantly, I help people learn how to connect with themselves, and each other with more vulnerability, more authenticity, and more sensitivity & compassion.

I never saw myself becoming a teacher or a guide, it actually took me awhile to get comfortable with that idea... Initially I was seeking a way to heal my own pain around my relationships with men.

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I remember a time not too long ago, when it felt normal to walk around with mild anxiety and fear. A time when looking into people’s eyes was uncomfortable, and I didn’t know how to let someone see what was really happening inside me. I remember being afraid to express my anger, or to say ‘no’ to people.

I was hungry for more intimacy... and not just sexually, I wanted a deeper connection with all the people in my life. I wanted to feel more comfortable in my body and with my sensuality. I wanted to feel safe with men, and not fear that they were going to take advantage of me. I wasn’t waiting for Prince Charming to save me, but I wanted a partner who could celebrate my beauty, my power, and my liberation.

This hunger made me a seeker, and I devoured everything that crossed my path about spirituality, personal development, and relationships.

And while my mind was expanded by all of that reading and learning, I still wasn’t experiencing that intimacy or that oneness that I knew was possible.

My parents divorce was tearing me apart, and I was in a relationship with a man who was my best friend, but our sex life and intimate connection was hurting.

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But then I discovered Tantra, and other embodiment work... which offers practices that liberate our minds and our bodies, from the causes of all that suffering; making a physical experience of oneness actually possible.

The intimacy I was craving started in my own body, and was not dependent on anyone else. This idea that there was something wrong with me, or the people around me, began to dissolve.

Tantra helped me develop the capacity to embrace everything exactly as it is... including myself. And in doing this my life began to change.

The first thing I learned how to embrace where my emotions. I used to feel like my sensitivity was a weakness, and emotions where these inconvenient things I couldn’t control. But through Tantra I discovered that there is power available in my emotions, that can be used in healthy ways.

The intensity of emotions like anger, rage, joy and sadness made them scary to embrace. I was afraid of my emotions hurting me or someone else. But when I stopped suppressing my intense emotions, and learned how to share them from a vulnerable place, without blaming or projecting onto others, it actually invited people closer to me.

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As my emotional intelligence woke up, my erotic intelligence woke up with it. I discovered the gift of sensation! In the west Tantra is often talked about connected to sex. But Tantra is actually a path of meditation that embraces all aspects of our human lives as gateways to awakening... including sex.

It invites us to connect with our bodies, our senses, and each other with awareness. And through specific practices, and teachings, it reveals how our sexual energy can help bring us into union with everything. Besides emotions, our sexuality is another place where we have access to power that often gets, suppressed, or mis-used. When I began to orientate to my sexuality as sacred, and learn how to connect it to my spiritual practice, it became a source of empowerment and connection to something bigger than me.

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When the man I was engaged to marry ended our 9 year relationship, I put everything I had learned into practice daily!

Letting go of the life we had built together was excruciating; but the strength I had built through my spiritual practice enabled me to move though the pain and rise to new levels love.

Now I'm experiencing more fun, connection, and support in my relationships than ever before. And I’m preparing to marry a man who’s sensitivity and tenderness sometimes exceeds my own.

People around me watched me navigate this transition, and began to ask me to teach them what I’d learned. My transformation from student to teacher is how Space For Love was born.

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Everything I have learned through amazing teachers and personal experience, has led to helping hundreds of clients and students get un-stuck in love and intimacy.

I help my clients be empowered by challenging situations, their emotions, and their sexuality. And I do this with simple practices that use breath, sound, movement, guided meditation, and partner work, along with intuitive counseling.

My desire is to give people practical tools to listen to the wisdom in their bodies, to know how love themselves wholly, and to be able to create intimate relationships grounded in compassion, respect, and love.

My vision is that by supporting people this way, the love they learn how to access will ripple into their families, their communities, and into the world.


After a 15 yr career in entertainment, Kamali took the leap from life-long practitioner to teaching and coaching.

She has learned from a number of gifted spiritual teachers along the way. She did her 200 YTT with Shivakali Yoga, Tantra teacher training with Embody Tantra, is a certified Sacred Feminine facilitator through Tao Tantric Arts and the Universal Tao, and is a trained Reiki Master.

Her approach to healing is about making ancient wisdom relevant to our modern lives by guiding practices that have been used for thousands of years to reach enlightened states, in ways that are accessible and fun.

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This is a home for people longing for deeper connections, those in search of more fulfilling relationships. Women who want to feel more sensual, experience orgasm, & heal heartbreak. Men desiring to be embraced more fully by women and wield their power & sexuality consciously. People longing to heal disconnect & shame, and be more empowered around sexuality & relationship.

Our potential for pleasure, love, orgasm, and intimacy are directly tied to how we relate to our bodies and each other. We have lost touch with really knowing how to connect to our bodies and each other. Which has left us with a hunger that often gets filled with unhealthy behaviors and habits.

At the core of our desires is a longing for connection, for safety, for peace, for love... Space For Love is a home for people ready to become the love they are seeking.

Our intention is to support people with embodiment work & meditation that leads to feeling whole and connected, and empowers people to create more love, intimacy, and compassion in their relationships.