What is a Yoni?

Whether you are very familiar with this term, or never heard of it… if you are a woman, then you have one, and it wants your attention!

Yoni is a sanskrit word that means ‘source’ or 'sacred space’. The space it is referring to are a woman's genitals and reproductive organs. But it’s not just referring to anatomy, Yoni is a word that also encompasses the energy and potential for wisdom, life, and power that comes from this space.

So while there may be a lot of woo-woo connotations to this word, I still love it for the holistic meaning it gives this important part of a woman’s body. In contrast the latin origin of the word vagina, means ‘sheath'.... as in where you would store a sword. Call me crazy, but I prefer to define my lady parts as a sacred space.   

So much of how women’s sexuality has been understood and defined over time has been in reference to men.  While men are a part of the picture, there is a whole yoniverse to explore that has nothing to do with them. And despite all the information now available, many women never develop a relationship with their Yoni’s beyond menstruation, intercourse, and childbirth.

My wish for all women is that they know their Yoni is sacred, and the quality of relationship you have with it, could change the quality of your life.

So for my ladies, if you are blushing, rolling your eyes, or having any kind of emotional response at the thought of having a relationship with your Yoni... I request that you consider for a moment where that reaction is coming from. What is your relationship with this part of your body, and how did it get to be that way?

For my ladies who are whole-heartedly ready to learn and experience more about your 'sacred space’ beyond the realm of vibrators and tampons,  don’t miss out on the Yoni Yoga Immersion I have coming up on May 15th. from 10a-5p in Culver City, CA. If you aren’t in the LA area, but interested in learning more, email info@spaceforlove.com letting me know, and I’ll notify you when the virtual course I’m creating becomes available.

And if you are a man, and have read this far because you care that much about Yonis, thank you! Please forward this to any woman in your life you feel would benefit.