Turned Down For What?

Who or what has you turned down?

I know it might be a strange question, but this DJ Snake/Lil' John song inspired it. Check it out below to see for yourself if you haven't already! If you've been feeling a little drained, uninspired, frustrated, or numb…. there's a good chance that you've turned down the dial on an important part of your self expression. And while that part may need to get expressed in a number of ways, I'll bet in its purest form its tied to your sexuality.  

Sexual energy is natural.

It is everywhere, creating and sustaining life. It's meant to run through us like electricity runs through a light bulb. And yet, with all of this power at our fingertips, we get very little guidance about how to access it and what to do with it when we do. Wouldn't it be great to know how to let it flow in a way that is healthy, and not only serves us, but the people we come into contact with as well?

The messages we do get about sexual energy are all over the place. Everything from 'suppress it, its dangerous and will destroy you' … Too the other opposite, 'use it to get what you want from people'. And there's all kinds of other messages in between.   These mixed messages have many of us confused about what to do with our sexuality. Which often leads to some denial or suppression, and fear. We turn the dial down on ourselves as sexual beings to levels that feel safe and acceptable for us. 

But this energy is our power, our light, & our vitality. And suppressing it, is like trying trap a lighting bolt in a tin can. Eventually it's gonna blow! That's why I'm passionate about sharing information and practices that allow us the connect with our sexual energy as an extension of our spirits. When we learn how to let our sexual energy flow, as it is meant to in nature... It revitalizes us, and makes us radiant and magnetic.

A force as powerful as the one that creates and sustains life, can only be stopped for but so long… so we might as well learn how to work with it, so it doesn't work against us. Here's the video that inspired my initial question, it cracked me up! (Click here to watch) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, its my fun Friday gift to you. The number of views it has, let's me know quite a few people out there can relate.

 And If you'd like to gift yourself a safe space to explore your orgasmic potential, with or without a partner, and all your clothes in tact :) Join me in class this Tuesday night. Or Ladies come to my women's circle this Monday night to explore how your sexuality connects to your vitality in the company of your sisters.

Tuesday Aug 12th from 7-9p
220 Pier Ave Santa Monica, CA

$25 pre-pay / $35 at the door


Open to Men & Women
No partner or experience necessary
safe environment, no nudity
All are welcome