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Who is Holding Your Happiness Hostage?

Happiness has to be one of those desires right up there with winning the lottery, and world peace! I mean who doesn't want to be happy? That is if you aren't afraid of all those 'happy haters' out there. (you know who you are)

 It's way easier to be cynical, pissed off, frustrated, and depressed than it is to be happy. Not that it feels good to live in any of those states of being… but it doesn't require much work to get there or stay there.

 Happiness on the other hand is much more elusive than those other emotions. Why is it so much harder to be happy? Does happiness stay locked away somewhere until something comes along and sets it free? 

Who, or what is holding your happiness hostage?

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Where Is The Love?

If love is what we are made of, why do we spend so much time feeling fearful, guilty, shameful, and sad?.....

The headlines this week were enough to stir any of those emotions for sure. From the sad news about Robin Williams suicide. To the protests & riots in Ferguson, MO over the shooting of Michael Brown, another unarmed Black teenager killed by law enforcement. There is so much happening in our own lives, and the world around us that looks like the absence of love instead of love.

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