Intimacy, Connection & Love....Sounds good right? What if you had the power to create these experiences instead of waiting for them to happen?

That yummy feeling when you receive a great hug, a smile from a baby, a cuddle with a pet, or walk through a majestic forest.. That feeling is LOVE, true LOVE. It's the stuff we crave more than anything. We search for it in our families, with our friends, in romantic connections, from the world. In our own ways we are all seeking to be LOVED. 

We forget how to access it in ourselves, or rather we're never really taught.  So we are continunously seeking it out there somewhere in the form of people, sex, food, drugs n' alcohol, and shopping.  When what we really crave is to be seen and heard, to be appreciated and acknowledged, cherished, we want approval, recognition… We want to feel good!
However something gets in the way of us allowing ourselves to fully love and be loved. That something are the ways we have learned to ‘protect' ourselves from being hurt.

I believe relationship is our greatest teacher in this life. When we bump up against ‘another’, its easier for us to see ourselves. Although what we usually see first are all the ways the other person or thing is wrong, insensitive, and doesn’t know how to meet our needs. Where we are challenged in relationship, is where we will find the answers to ways we are creating separation or connection. Most of the ways we do this are unconscious. They evolved in our childhood, to protect ourselves and get our needs met. But with the help of a good teacher or guide, we can discover the pockets of tension, and the sneaky habits, that keep us stuck in relationship patterns that don’t serve us.

 I’ve found that the most effective way to transform these patterns, is by going to where they live in the body. There is a reason we haven’t touched certain spaces inside of us that can be scary and overwhelming. Intensity whether it is great pleasure or great pain, requires a certain amount of strength and courage. But you can't heal, what you can't feel, emotions need a safe space to be met and felt in order to transform.

Tantric practice provides a safe path for liberating energies in our bodies that we have had locked down in the name of staying safe. When we can trust the movement of energy in our bodies without needing to protect ourselves, a new way of being becomes possible and old patterns can be released and transformed.

Our potential for orgasm, love, and intimacy are directly tied to how we relate to our bodies and each other.  We have lost touch with really knowing and feeling that our bodies are miracles. What they do and are capable of is beyond amazing! Space For Love is a home for people ready to remember what’s possible when we embrace the totality of our being. Through blogs, private coaching, classes, workshops, and other projects there are lots of opportunities to explore a new capacity for love.


I’ve been a lover my whole life... I still remember the first boy I made my boyfriend when I was 2, each girlfriend I ever felt a soul bond with, all the joy my sisters have brought me, all the ways my parents loved me. And I remember the numerous times my feelings have been hurt and my heart has been broken.  I remember almost every experience that left an impression about what love is and what it isn’t.

I experimented with a lot of unhealthy ways to get and feel love, before I learned the tools to connect with the love present within me... within all of us. Since learning how to become a source of love, I’m no longer a slave to seeking it out there somewhere. It’s been the most empowering, life-altering, thing I’ve learned. And it all started when I found Tantra, or it found me rather.

I stumbled onto the Tantric path at a time when I was craving a deeper intimacy with my partner.  We had been together for 5 years and while we were still in love, I was not always feeling that love present in our lovemaking.  We had fallen into patterns and ways of connecting that allowed us to do life together, but left me with a longing I couldn’t name. It would be many more years before I understood this longing was to experience something Divine . Both in myself, in him, and in the act of making love.

Tantra was the first spiritual path that gave me an orientation where my sexuality and desire where not things separate from my spirituality. Most religions I had come across spoke about sex and desire in a way that either condemned it, or wanted me to transcend it. But Tantra offered me a new understanding that my sexuality and my body could be one of my greatest teachers, and show me the places I had closed to love. What I was looking for in lovemaking and in my connection with my partner, was what I was looking for in life. I wanted to be touched deeply, to feel connected, to feel embraced for all that I am. 

When the man I was engaged to marry ended our 9 year relationship, I put everything I had learned into practice daily. Letting go of our relationship and the life we had created together was one of the hardest things I've ever had to move through. But my spiritual practice and the strength I had built, enabled me to move though the pain and rise to new levels love. And now I'm experiencing more fun, connection, and support in my relationships than ever before. If there is one thing I could gift to everyone, it would be the power to face relationship challenges, and come out on the other side more alive and in love than ever.  



Kamali's passionate about transformation through art, movement, breath, and sound. She fuses her knowledge of Tantra, Taoism, Reiki, Relationship Coaching, Vedic meditation, and filmmaking, to create opportunities for us to experience the Love that we are. 

She is a trained Reiki Master, Tantra teacher for Embody Tantra, and certified Sacred Feminine facilitator through Tao Tantric Arts and the Universal Tao. Her approach to healing is about making ancient wisdom relevant to our modern lives by guiding practices that have been used for thousands of years to reach enlightened states, in ways that are accessible and fun. 

Kamali has also worked in the film industry as an editor, director, & voice actor for the last 15 years. She's worked with networks and studios like: NBC, BET, MTV, TLC, Bravo, Planet Green, The Food Network and Dreamworks. SPACE FOR LOVE was created as a platform for sharing her transformational knowledge about relationship, sacred sexuality, and health. Through private coaching, live immersive experiences and video, she creates spaces both online and in life for people to experience more of the love that they are.



"I help people have an embodied experience of their power and sensuality. I do this by providing a safe space to discover your bodies’ wisdom and by sharing what I’ve learned and practiced on my own love journey.  My hope is that what I share helps people to experience new depths of intimacy, connection & love." - Kamali

"I help people have an embodied experience of their power and sensuality. I do this by providing a safe space to discover your bodies’ wisdom and by sharing what I’ve learned and practiced on my own love journey.  My hope is that what I share helps people to experience new depths of intimacy, connection & love." - Kamali

Maybe it was this desire that pulled me onto the teacher’s path. People who knew me, began to ask me to share with them what I had learned. Space for Love was born from that request, as way for me to bringing this knowledge to you.

I'm excited about being a guide for others interested in the Tantric path, because of the profound transformation it has facilitated in my own life. I've done a lot of personal development work over the years, which helped me gain an understanding of myself and the world around me. But Tantra helped me have an embodied experience of what I had previously only understood mentally.  It got me out of my head and into my body, which allowed me to experience a new level of intimacy, presence, and pleasure in day to day life.  

It's like having super powers, because I finally have tools that help me meet whatever life brings my way and use it for my continued expansion. Which is like being able to turn Kryptonite into rocket fuel. Helping others discover the magic available through this work, feels like a great way to use my powers in service of the greater good.

Being love is a daily practice. The blocks that keep us from connecting and feeling love can be hard to see, and even harder to dissolve. Becoming love requires courage. It demands an open heart in the face of fear.  It asks that we open when we want to shut down, that we meet what is in front of us when we want to run. And with guidance and a safe space, you can open to parts of yourself that have been waiting for you to meet them. And become the love you've been seeking. Let me help you become a space for love, and watch your life transform before you into a reflection of the love that you are.
~ Kamali