What to do when your world gets rocked

If you've been experiencing more challenge than usual in the last few weeks, you are not alone.

Right now arguments, conflicts, unexpected shifts in plans, uncertainty about a job or money, and transitions around family or home seem to be on high boil.
I've felt and seen the heightened tension in people around me, and in myself. As I was chanting at my altar this morning I broke down in tears for reasons beyond my mental comprehension. 
No I'm not going crazy... from what I've observed, old patterns of relating that don't serve us, and old fears that have been keeping us stuck, are coming to the surface, and shaking things up.

But what this looks like is our lover not giving us what we need, or not having enough money to do what we want, or feeling insecure about being enough...
There's been a lot happening on the planetary side of things that is likely influencing this uptick in agitation. The Equinox last week, Mercury is in retrograde, and we had an intense, blood moon eclipse this past Sunday.
And whether it's comforting or not to know there may be other factors influencing what we are experiencing, what we all really want to know, is how to support ourselves when the ground is moving under our feet.

When my world gets rocked I've been practicing how to move with the shaking ground.

What does that even mean Kamali, you ask? Let me see if I can break it down into a few simple tips you can try on for yourself.
1) Surrender Control
One of the most painful things about not feeling the security that comes with standing on solid ground, is that we feel unsafe. And we often try to regain our feeling of safety by reaching for whatever we can control. Maybe that's using hurtful words, or shutting down, or turning to sugar or other substances. Doing things to control what's happening, or how we are feeling, will not make it stop. It will just result in more pain. Surrender does not mean giving up though, rather it's an active state of accepting what's happening.
2) Release Stories
Once you've accepted what's happening. The mind with often make up stories or scenarios about why it's happening. I call this spinning. Because we will go around and around with the same theories. These are often beliefs about ourselves or other people that were created a long time ago, but we use them to make sense of the present moment. This spinning is just the mind trying to do something about what's creating our fear, but really its just keeping us stuck. Its' OK not to know why something has happened, or why we are feeling a particular emotion. So let the stories go and feel what's here in the present moment.
3) Listen
What's happening in your body around this fear. Can you name the sensations. Is your chest tight? Is there a pain in your stomach? Something in your back? Tune into your inner world, and when you find where the fear is living in your body, get curious about it. Embrace it with all of your attention. Ask what it needs.
4) Get Support
This could be a trusted friend, teacher, or counselor. Talk to someone who will not indulge or encourage your stories, but who can listen to what you are afraid of; who you can be vulnerable with and share about yourself. 
This can also be turning to the energetic support available to us through spiritual practice. Here we can get support from the elements and other forces greater than us. Working with breath is an amazing support, and has helped me countless times. And particularly when the ground is moving, connecting with earth is super supportive. Placing your bare feet on soil or grass. Learning how to work with the energy of the earth has brought a new layer of support to me when I feel rocked. 
If you'd like to learn more about how to do that, we'll be working with the Earth element this Saturday in the first class of my 5 week series. There's only 5 spaces left in the series so if you want to attend make sure you register ASAP: http://www.spaceforlove.com/events/
And if you are not the LA area. I offer private sessions virtually over Skype, and they are a great way to work with me long distance.
If your world has been rocking, I pray that you find the support you need!