I’m not in the mood… but i want to be.

Something I hear from a lot of my female clients, is that sex feels like one more thing on their to-do list.  They want to enjoy their bodies, their partners, their sexuality… but they don’t know how, and feel like they are missing out.


There are many reasons we may not be having as much sex as we want, AND there are many benefits to engaging our sexual energy on a regular basis. The good news is there are simple mind-body practices, that can open up a whole new experience of your sexuality, that can make engaging it something to look forward to.


I share more about this is in the video below, and lots more in BODY of BLISS, a new Immersive program I have for women.

  • So how can we invite a little more quality lovemaking into our lives when we’re not really feeling it?

  • What is the impact of not engaging our sexual energy regularly?

  • What can I do today to feel more sensual?


Watch this watch this video to find out.

And enrollment for Body of Bliss is now open… women are beginning to answer the call and ‘Early Bird’ pricing ends next week, so register today to save your space.



We’ve got this life, these bodies, and each other…. And it is my wish that we all get to enjoy the fullness, wholeness, and mind-shattering beauty of it all!

With love,