The Four Keys To Unlocking A Full Body ‘O’ - Free Sensual Masterclass

Spring is in the air! There’s a bubbling up of new beginnings, new experiences, and… a desire for more orgasms :)

We received a lot of response to our last newsletter, which related a client’s experience of her first Full Body Orgasm. (if you missed it you can read it here.)  

I was a little nervous about sharing such an intimate story, but I’m equally passionate about confronting the shame we have around our bodies and our sexuality.


Some of your responses made it clear that there’s a hunger to know more about how to experience a Full Body Orgasm.


So in response, I’ve crafted an hour-long sensual masterclass to go into more depth about the world of Full Body Orgasm.  

If you are tired of feeling like your body is capable of so much more pleasure than you are currently experiencing sexually…


If you want to be able to reach states of being that are sensually satiating with or without a partner...  


If you’ve had trouble reaching any orgasmic state much less a Full Body Orgasm…


If you have read books, bought sex toys, or jade eggs, but still can’t quite get to the bottom of how to expand your orgasmic capacity….



Wednesday, March 21st

8pm - 9pm PST


This will be a juicy, content rich, nourishing exploration that will answer questions like:



  • What is a full body orgasm anyways?

  • What are some of the reasons any kind of orgasm is so challenging for most women?

  • What are the 4 Keys to unlocking this orgasmic potential in your body?



And you’ll receive a practice during the class that will begin laying the foundation for a Full Body Orgasm experience in your body.


There will also be a special offer during this class, for those of you interested in my upcoming Women’s Program - Body of Bliss.


My desire is that you will leave this class, with a clear path the next level of your Sexual Awakening. I’ll show up to do my part, will you show up to receive it?




With love,