Where Is The Love?

If love is what we are made of, why do we spend so much time feeling fearful, guilty, shameful, and sad?

The headlines this week were enough to stir any of those emotions for sure. From the sad news about Robin Williams suicide. To the protests & riots in Ferguson, MO over the shooting of Michael Brown, another unarmed Black teenager killed by law enforcement. There is so much happening in our own lives, and the world around us that looks like the absence of love instead of love.

 But if love is what we are made of, the essence of who we are, shouldn't it be wherever we are? Unless of course we are cut off from the truth of who we are... if we are cut off from our true selves, then we are cut off from love. And we will feel the fear that arises from being a small separate self instead. That is why relationship is so important. It helps us to see where we block love. The people and experiences we come into contact with, reflect parts of ourselves that we may not see or have forgotten. Relationship is a mirror that can help us see what we otherwise could not about ourselves.

But it can be hard to see relationship this way when we are triggered. Instead we see a flawed person, or circumstance that is challenging us. And then we want to fix it… change it… deny it…  Or even worse destroy it. So we spend a lot of time fighting each other, which is no different than fighting ourselves. Which is ironic, because no one can win that battle. If we really want to get our black belts in love... 

 the ninja level is to see the moments where love is absent, as opportunities to be love.

 And how do I do that you ask? Surrender your need to be right, surrender your desire to protect your small separate self. And be willing to get vulnerable. Feel and see what is really happening inside of you, and then share it.

 Under the irritation, the anger, the sadness, the guilt, the shame, there is usually some kind of fear. This fear is the root of what is blocking the love. Once you stop defending yourself and let yourself feel what's unfolding inside you in the moment, the moment can lead you to love.

This can be scary and is not the easiest thing to do alone. So if you would like some support learning how to let love flow through whatever the present moment is presenting you with, coach with me, virtually or in person.. send me an email to set up your free 30 min. discovery session. Or come to my class this Tuesday.  And for an immersive experience that will forever shift the way you experience your body and your relationships, I teach The Awaken Weekend  this Sept. 6th & 7th. Register now to reserve your space!

Tuesday Aug. 19th from 7-9p
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