Will Power vs. Soul Power

This week's video features the 3rd chakra, located around the solar plexus. This energy center is tied to our relationship with power in the physical world.

Are you more comfortable being visible or flying under the radar? When you desire to get something done is it easy to take action? Or does it become overwhelming or daunting? Do you feel up to the challenges that arise in day to day life? Or is it easy to feel defeated and want to give up?

It would be so normal to feel a combo of all these possibilities... And one experience is not necessarilaly better than another. But these questions help us hone in on the area of consciousness that the 3rd chakra is processing for us.

The 3rd chakra is very closely tied to qualities we need to move in the physical world.  Determination, will power, action, and visibility, are all qualities revered by our current culture, and there are benefits to these qualities. But in excess, they can also lead to burn out, competition, comparison, and less satisfaction. 

Every time we are asked to expand who we being in the world, to share ourselves in new and challenging ways, to let more of ourselves be seen, to assert our ideas, beliefs and opinions, to take any kind of forward action. We summons our 3rd chakra. 

I remember when I stepped onto the teacher path, and had to stand in a new authority, I had physical pain in my solar plexus for weeks!

There was so much discomfort about the responsibility of guiding others to more well being. There was still so much to learn, and yet I had to to find ways to take action and be visible in this new vulnerable space.

In the past I would have ignored my discomfort and used my will power to push toward my goals. But I've learned that when I embrace my discomfort instead of resisting it, I have access to... Soul Power.

Will power calls on a certain mental discipline to make things happen.  But Soul Power asks the mind to serve the wisdom of my body, instead of trying to surpress or conquer it. 

So instead of forcing things to happen with our will, which is often being driven by false ideas about ourselves and the world. Tuning into the movements of energy in our bodies and learning to go with what is naturally blooming from us, can take us where we need to go without using as much energy to get there.

As I've learned to turn to practices that help me align my will with my soul, I meet less resistance. And the growth that needs to happen does... with much less effort.

There's a practice in each of the videos in the "know your chakra" series to begin turning your awareness to this inner wisdom, and invite in some soul power.

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