The Seat of Your Creativity & Sexuality

Click to watch the third video in the "Know Your Chakras" Series - You can watch the first two below.

This week's "Know Your Chakras" video series explores the 2nd Chakra…. the Sacral Chakra is the seat of our Creativity & Sexuality. 

Both these energies are important expressions of our soul. They hold the potential to birth something that didn't exist before!

There is an alchemy that takes place on many levels for us to be able to access these parts of ourselves. 

A blend of thoughts, hormones, and sensation end up creating an energetic experience we know as creativity or sexuality. 

But this is often an unconscious process that can seem just beyond our grasp. Either we have desire or we don't, either we are inspired or we aren't.... the ‘how' and ‘why' can feel elusive.

And even when we are expressing these energies, it can come through us in fragmented, and unconscious ways that don't ultimately  nourish us, or anyone else in the ways that are really possible.

Spending some time with this chakra can create big shifts in our sexual & creative lives! Watch the video above for a simple practice you can try on for this next week. And see if it wakes anything up in you.

I’d love to hear about what you feel happening in this area your life… leave me a comment or reply to the email. And check out my upcoming KamaYoga class on the chakras for even more in depth learning and practice in a fun, and accessible way.

Video 2 features THE ROOT CHAKRA, watch to learn more:

And if you missed the INTRO video you can watch that too:

I hope you'll use this series as a way to spend some time with these important energy centers. And if you feel a 'yes' to joining the KamaYoga community (Saturdays: March 19th-April16th) register now before the early bird ends on March 10th and save $50.

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