What's In Your Heart? (KamaYoga Postponed)

I have listened to what's in my heart and decided to postpone the upcoming KamaYoga Series for several reasons.

Thank You for those of you who inquired about it,  and those who were interested in attending. I know for some dates or location where an issue.

If you are interested in chakra work one-on-one, contact me to learn more about privates.

I'm listening to what is in my heart and to what you need, as I plan what I will be sharing with you next.


This week's video is about the heart chakra - Anahata. Awakening this chakra can put us in touch with the truth of what's in our hearts.

The wisdom of the heart chakra is that it transcends what we like and what we don't like. It moves us beyond our preferences and gives us the capacity to embrace things, and people as they are. 

You may have had this experience, or it may sound like a totally impossible feat; but the power of bringing the heart chakra into balance is having access to loving everything, because we can see the bigger picture. 

From that birds eye view we can feel the inter connectivity of all things. And recognize that life unfolds with a purpose greater than our personal agendas and desires.

This helps us move through things in life with compassion, understanding and the ability to forgive.

Given what's happening in our country and the world these days, the more of us that can move from an awakened heart chakra the better!

So try out the practice in the video. And when you do, hold the intention of releasing anything in your heart that has been fuel for separation, dislike, or even hate.

There's one more video left in this series. You can watch the previous videos in the series here: 

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Drop me a line by email or in the comments and let me know what's going on in your heart! 

Much Love,


PS-Sharing is Caring! Please Fwd these videos to anyone in your world who you think will benefit.