[Offerings] Watch BlackLove // Join Our Women's Retreat // Listen In....


I hope you are hungry for content, because we’ve been cooking up a storm behind the scenes… Enrollment for our Jade Eggstacy program will be opening soon!  

But until then, there are many other exciting things going on that I wanted to share. You can watch, listen, and even join us in person… with the offerings below!

This week was the official launch of Blacklove.com. A great resource for all things related to Black relationships. I’m super excited to be partnered with them to create segments on the tantric perspective of sexual wellness and relationship.

Check out Blacklove.com for segments on dating, sexuality, parenthood, marriage, love, and so much more!

It was a joy to join the Tantra Punk Podcast family again! They recently released our segment on “Tantric Story Telling Using Cutting Edge Technology”.

In it I share some of the lessons learned from a recent health crisis, and the we go deep about the role of media and technology in our culture, and ways to use new forms of story-telling for transformation and growth.

Have a listen on your daily commute, cleaning, cooking, or resting, take a moment to turn on this episode and learn more.


Women’s Retreat in the Redwoods!
I’ll be teaching at this women’s retreat w/ a bunch of other wonderful women, at the gorgeous Ratna Ling Buddhist Center in Sonoma, CA. We are all donating our time and proceeds from the retreat go to support the center and distribution of Buddhist teachings. It’ll be an enriched weekend with yoga, meditation, dance and movement, bodywork and more. If you are in need of some relaxing sister time in the woods, I hope you’ll join us!

“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.”



With love,