[LISTEN] What is Tantra? - (podcast w/ a practice)

Hi Loves,

Here in my lovely state of CA we’ve recently been hit with wildfires, and another public shooting. This kind of intensity is sadly becoming the 'new normal’ and I find that our ability to be resilient in the face of intensity is directly tied to PLEASURE….. so I wanted to share some.

I was recently interviewed by the ladies from the pleasure positive  podcast “clit talk”, and we had a blast digging into the riches of Tantra and having a sensual self-care practice. 

The energy turned up in the studio when we ended the conversation with all of our tops coming off and sharing a live experience of breast massage together... I LOVE my job :)

You can tune in, and practice along with us. 

Teaching about love and intimacy every day, is the best job not just because I get to watch people discover how to access their hearts and pleasure in a more profound way... but because when we have more access these things; we have more to give our families and our communities.

And right now with fires burning here in Cali, guns blazing in public shootings, and hate speech flying, our help is needed at home and in our communities more than ever.

We may feel a responsibility to show up and give, but many of us are running on empty and giving from a deficit. 

I just finished teaching at a women’s retreat were we all got to immerse in a weekend of self-care and feminine movement at the beautiful Ratna Ling retreat center in Sonoma county. 

By the end of the weekend all the women present were glowing with a new radiance, and had filled their cups filled with goodness to bring back into their lives.

This is the beauty and magic of having a personal self care practice. And preferably one that connects you deeply with your body and the well of vitality that’s available through your sensuality and pleasure. 

And you don’t have to be able to attend a weekend retreat to begin exploring the beauty of this path....

If you have wondered what Tantra is and how to begin practicing it, or you are wanting some simple ways to create your own pleasure practice, this conversation is a good listen:

In this podcast we discuss:

  • TANTRA 101 -> basic cliff notes about the expansive universe of Tantra.

  • POWERFUL PRACTICES -> for  transforming your love life

  • A SECRET TIP -> to “get present” through pleasure

  • BREAST MASSAGE -> the benefits and “how to” with or without a partner

  • and much more...


I hope you get a chance to listen, and you enjoy what is shared. And if you want to go a little deeper and are ready for a journey into new realms of self-love and sensuality... then stay tuned for our Jade Eggstacy Course which begins in January 2019!

We’ll be sharing more along with a special holiday deal next week!

With love,