I've Missed You - (updates & new offerings)


I’ve missed being in touch! I've been quiet the last few months because I’ve had my hands full with new developments both professionally & personally.

In addition to shooting new content that I'll be sharing soon, consulting on an independent film that I'll share more about later, & booking several awesome voice over jobs... 

I led a two month immersive Women’s Program called Body of Bliss and had the great honor of taking a intimate journey with a brave group of women into the realms of their bodies, hearts, and sexuality.

I was reminded how important empowering information, proven practices, and a supportive environment are for us to step out of the isolation we can feel in the challenges we face in relationship and sexuality.

You don’t have to figure this stuff out on your own! We will be offering this program again in 2019, and we have a new program coming even sooner…. more below!

I got married!...

During the hottest weekend this summer!

Despite the record high temps, and last minute changes (we had planned an outdoor ceremony), it was one of the most memorable weekends of my life.

I was seriously humbled and filled with gratitude by all the ways I was held, supported, and loved through the whole process by my dear friends and family.  

The ritual of it all put me in touch with a very tender part of myself. It felt like a rights of passage, and we are both slightly different people now on the other side. 


k&b wedding walkway of love .jpg

photo credit: Dannette Mitchell


We’ve got a bunch more on the burners!  In addition to some more free video content, blogs, and webinars coming your way.

I’ve been cooking up a new course I’m super excited share, on how to create your own Jade Egg practice.

If you don’t know what Jade Eggs, or Yoni eggs are, I’ll be sharing lots more about these once hidden treasures that have been entering the mainstream (for better or worse)….

I don’t agree with everything that gets shared in the clip below, but it'll give you some idea about what they are and why it's so important to receive a holistic education around how to use them.



There’s sooo much more to these gems, than just inserting and wearing them! 

But the discomfort, fear, and shame that exists around women’s sexuality often clouds the real gifts a Jade Egg practice has to offer. 
So I can't wait to share more with you about them in the coming weeks. 

I have been crafting a program to share the Jade Egg wisdom with you in an easy-to-follow virtual format, that you can do from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Enrollment for this course will begin in the next few weeks, and as a member of the Space For Love Community you’ll have the inside track to special deals, information and more.  

And I haven’t forgotten about the Men! 
I still offer private sessions for singles and couples, and have been working with a handful of men in this way.  

It’s been a big year for female sexuality, so I’m serving that immediate need through these programs. But if you are interested in private session work please see the button below to book your free consult.



with love,