Dearly Beloveds - Lets Celebrate This Thing Called Life

Another gifted soul has completed his work here… when I found out that Prince passed away at the young age of 57, there was a moment of disbelief. This moment seems to happen every time I’m told about an unexpected death. And I realized it’s because as much as death is a part of life, no part of me expects it to happen.

Maybe because its seems morbid to acknowledge that death can happen in any moment. But if I did let this in all the way, maybe I would celebrate my life and everyone in it even more than I do now.

Maybe I would praise everyday I wake up, even the ones that are rough. I would dance more, care less about censoring myself, and pause more throughout my day to feel the sweet breath that keeps me alive!

Maybe I would make love, pleasure, truth, integrity and meditation my top priorities, without feeling guilty about it. I would find time to finish all the half-read books on my shelves. I would really let the past go to make room for more NOW! 

There’s so much energy that goes into maintaining this life, or in some cases just surviving it. And that mindset can make it challenging to celebrate anything. But what if you could celebrate all of it? 

Even the messy bits, the painful bits, the 'god I hope no one saw that' bits?, what if it all was worthy of gratitude, praise, and recognition? What if everyday was an opportunity to experience some part of the unique being that you are? And no matter how simple or complex that looks…. it was more than enough. You are more than enough.

One of the things I love about Prince, aside from his musical genius… was his authentic expression! This was a man who was not afraid to wear high heels, lace, or tight purple pants, in fact he made those things look good! He was not afraid to go up against a major record label and demand artists' rights. He lived out loud, for all of us to see, and it was a gift.  So I’m celebrating him, his legacy, and all of the beautiful music he’s left us!

Each one of us has a gift to give through the expression of our authentic being.  I feel grateful to offer work that has helped me and many others, find a way to shed obstacles that stand between us, and our ability to step into the fullness of who we are. Learning to embrace this life for all it has to offer, is a daily practice, one that I’m happy to do.

There is lots to celebrate about this life, including the offerings I have for you below. From Free Talks about Sacred Living, Art Parties, Festivals, and a workshop for women in June. I hope to connect with you through one of the events below, or in cyberspace. And until then….. let’s celebrate this thing called life!

Much Love,

PS-Sharing is Caring! Please pass on to anyone in your world who you think will benefit.