Speak your truth even if your voice shakes

This week’s video is about the throat chakra - Vishuddha.
Awakening this chakra can help us express our authentic selves.

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"Speak your truth even if your voice shakes" - Maggie Kuhn

I love the quote above because for many years this is exactly what happened to me. Every time I expressed something that was vulnerable or made me emotional, my voice would shake…. a lot!


It made me hate these moments, I would feel weak, and embarrassed by my shaky voice. I would feel like no one would listen or take me seriously. Or worse... that they would pity me, and make fun of, or de-value the very sensitive truth I was sharing with them.

What I now know about the tremor in my voice that I used to be so ashamed of, is that it is power. The emotions that needed a voice where so powerful, that when they moved through my poor blocked, under-stimulated, throat chakra there was not enough capacity in my body to hold all that power.

This happens to all of us, but particularly in women. Because so much of our authentic expression is connected to our emotions. Emotions that often get demonized, denied, and suppressed because lets face it…. intensity can be very uncomfortable.  

And because most women learn how to make people feel comfortable with them, by shrinking themselves and their expression, awakening the throat chakra is an important journey for us to go on.

Now I am able to express more emotion with less shake, but if my voice does shake when I’m expressing something really vulnerable, I let it… and I let myself feel the power of what is moving through me. And although it is still uncomfortable, there’s another part of me that feels empowered by using my voice.

If you want to expand your capacity for expressing your authentic voice, watch this week’s video, and try out the practice. If you enjoy what you feel from it, do it a few times throughout your week and see if it changes your communication.

I’d love to hear what you have experienced around finding your authentic voice. Drop me an email or leave me a comment!

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There are two more Chakras in the 7 Chakra system we’ve been exploring through this series. The 3rd Eye - Ajna, and the Crown - Sahasrara. Both are sublime, and awakening them connects us to our higher vision and our higher selves.

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