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How To Turn Overwhelm Into Abundance

It’s been very busy in my world the last few months!  Spring arrived in the form of increased projects and activity. The last few weeks I've juggled editing projects, with teaching The Awaken Weekendprivate coaching, voice-over auditions, and this weekend I'll be heading to the Lighting In a Bottle festival to teach a workshop. 

I enjoy being able to do so many things, each of them is a part of the way I share myself and my gifts. And it all requires energy, focus, and time to do well.  There are a few specific things I now practice during busy clips like this that help what once felt like overwhelm, feel more like abundance, because of shifts I make in mindset and body. 

If your plate has been full too, and it has you a little overwhelmed. I wanted to share how I've been transforming overwhelm into abundance with a few small shifts:

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Don't Forget To Breathe



I don't know about you... but life has been intense for me this last couple of months! I've been confronted with lot's of transition, letting go, meeting new challenges, stepping into new roles and parts of myself. It feels like more needs to happen in less time. Which means less time to get it 'right', and more diving into the thick of it and figuring things out as I go. 


This has been very stressful and has me dreaming about running away. A day on the beach or in the woods sounds amazing right now, but is not something I can do at the moment.    


When I get stressed like this I forget to BREATHE!

And breath is one of the quickest ways to create that relaxed vacation vibe without actually going anywhere.  You know the one where you feel all gooey, full of love & gratitude, and the world looks like a better place again?

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