Giving & Receiving - Two Sides of the Same Coin

If you’ve ever felt depleted from giving too much, or repeatedly find yourself asking the question 'when will it be my turn to get what I want?'  Then, keep reading...


 I believe the saying 'nothing ventured, nothing gained’ is true. For us to receive what we truly desire in this life, we must do our part. There’s an investment... something we must give or give up in order for our desires to be fulfilled! Becoming a Tantra teacher means that I've had to give time, commitment, focus, trust…. and I've had to give up 'wanting to be perfect', 'having it all figured out', 'letting fear paralyze me', and ‘not taking risks' to be effective. I could go on…  but what I observed about this giving, is that though its been hard, it has not left me feeling like a martyr.  It hasn't felt like a sacrifice because everything I’m giving (or giving up) serves my personal evolution, as well as any person I encounter or interact with.


I fought the idea of teaching for awhile which is ironic because I've taught unofficially most of my life.  But sharing wisdom with friends and family, is very different than the general public. I was intimidated by the idea of people looking to me as their ‘teacher,’ especially since I don’t have all the answers they’re searching for, and I didn't want people looking at me like I did. But I've gained a lot of knowledge and experience over the last decade around relationship, sexuality, and spirituality…and I’ve finally reached a point where it actually felt painful not to share what I’ve learned in a bigger way. Like trying to pour more water into a full glass... I've learned that there comes a point, when we are so full, that giving is the only natural next step. And when we give from this kind of fullness of being, it doesn't feel like a sacrifice at all…it can feel enjoyable. Even fun. 


This weekend I taught my first ‘Awaken Weekend Workshop’ for Embody Tantra.  It's a two day event designed to awaken the vitality, freedom, and pleasure available to us when we integrate our sexuality and our spirituality.  (If that sounds intriguing to you, I'm teaching another one in September -- click here for more info).  And even though I've been training for months, I was nervous leading up to the workshop. But the person I've become over the months of training and preparation allowed me to step into it the experience, and give the best of me.  In addition to learning how to share knowledge and information, I've been learning how to share more of my Authentic Self. And what I receive in return when I share myself this way, leaves me speechless:  love, support, fulfillment, and the irreplaceable experience of watching my students learn how to radiate more of their authentic being.  


The weekend was a success! And I was left knowing that by giving of myself in this way, I'm receiving the one thing I've wanted for as long as I can remember…  to feel love from (and within) the people around me.  This is all possible because I've given up the blocks preventing me from giving myself (and you) the love we deserve and the best self I have to offer. 


If you’re ready to give or receive the love that I believe we all are… then join me in class tonight. Or attend one of the events I have coming up soon. And for women, my monthly women's circle coming up in a week, it's a great way to explore how your sexuality connects to your vitality in the company of your sisters.