Love is a Field

There is a well-known Rumi quote - "Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field, I'll meet you there"...  I believe this field is love.

 Its a very Tantric sentiment actually.  When we can put down our judgements about ourselves, other people, and the world. And begin to accept what we are feeling in the moment as part of one big movement of energy... We step into a field I call Love.

 If you asked 100 different people what love is. You would get a 100 different answers. I think we all come to find our own definition of love over time, if we can make heads or tales of our relationship experiences. The knowing I've arrived at is because of my own experiences of what creates that feeling of love in my body, and what blocks it. And what I have found is that love is always available but...

Love is choice. 

In a field of infinite possibilities… love is one of those possibilities that appears when we place our attention on it. Which is easy to do when people or experiences are showing up in a way we recognize as love. But what about all those other times that don't feel good?

 For instance, when I am experiencing the pain of loss. When I feel sadness, grief, anger or any other emotion moving through me that is edgy or intense. If I can be present with it, without making it, or anything else wrong. Or try to suppress it or stop it, then it feels like power moving through my body. And there is a purity to it. Almost a sweetness that my heart can feel that much! And a knowing that I am deeply in relationship with life.

Being intimate with the present moment, places us in the field where love lives.

The concept of what love is, has been represented by a collection of ideas and images, that often depict two sides of love. If you look at films, TV, songs, art... You will see that love is often expressed as joy and pain.

Its a journey that includes both feeling elated and expanded and deflated and contracted. These two extremes are often seen as being in love and losing love. But my definition of love includes both.  Our capacity to experience love, is determined by our capacity to be present to the whole journey, the joy and the pain. 


That contraction and expansion, birth and death, is the way energy moves in creation. This world we are living in is the product of the oldest love story. Tantra and many other spiritual traditions speak about the universe being birthed from the uniting of two opposing forces. The dance of Shakti and Shiva, life force energy and consciousness (respectively), or Mother Earth and Father Sky. These two opposing forces unite in love and create new realities infinitely. This is the field we are born from and return to, it is permeating life around us at all times. And I call the energy of this field love. 


The good news is, if love is a field.... It is not tied to any one person, place, or thing. And it also means its available to be experienced when we choose to presence it. Being humans, with our filters and preferences, makes it a little challenging to do this. But if you would like to learn more ways to step into the field of love, join me in class this Tuesday, where we will be learning to do that. Or consider a weekend workshop or private sessions with me. Exploring this field called love is the work I'm here to joyfully do in this life! And part of that joy is being able to share it with you!

Tuesday July 29th from 7-9p
220 Pier Ave Santa Monica, CA

$25 pre-pay / $35 at the door

Open to Men & Women
No partner or experience necessary
safe environment, no nudity
All are welcome