Happy Labor Day Weekend: Are you hungry for more?

It's Labor Day weekend and I have BBQ on the brain even though I'm a vegetarian... but I wanted to talk about a different kind of hunger.

Do you ever find yourself just hungry for 'more'? Your life is good all things considered. You know there is plenty to be grateful for… but some part of you just wants more. Maybe it's more time, more love, more money… Or maybe all that would all be nice, but there's an even deeper yearning for 'more' that you can't quite name.

I encountered this hunger in myself, many years ago. There was a mild dis-satisfaction that hung out with me like a shadow. A desire for something I couldn't really name. It used to show up as upsets with my lover, or my family, or my work….  I would spin my wheels about how to fix things, about how to make them and myself better. Or I would take the edge off of the hunger, with alcohol, weed, or chocolate :)

It was awhile into my spiritual journey before I got more clear about what I really wanted. I wanted to be filled with more life, with more love, I wanted to feel myself and those around me…. more! And I had no idea how to do that.

And then I met my Tantra teacher, and was introduced to a way to access that 'more'. I discovered that the 'more' I was looking for was in me, it was also all around me.

 That the Juice, the Power, the Passion in life that creates a feeling of fullness, was inside every experience that entered my life. And if I have the courage to meet and taste each moment fully no matter how much it hurts or how scary it feels… my desire for 'more' gets fed.  All the emotions and situations I was resisting, actually contained the key to unlocking that 'more'.

You know the saying: "If you are handed lemons, make lemonade"?  That's all well and good if you know how to make lemonade. Tantra has taught me how to make lemonade out of life, how to find the sweetness in life's challenges. How to squeeze the juice out of whatever is happening and nourish myself with that juice.

Now I get teach others how to make lemonade, which is another level of fulfillment. Next weekend, I will be guiding another group through The Awaken Weekend. Which was where I started my Tantric journey, and it's a perfect first step for tasting 'more'.It's not too late to register if you feel called.  And if you are not ready for the Awaken Weekend, but you want to take a step towards feeding that hunger for 'more'…

Try out this exercise:

Take a moment to write about your hunger.

What is the flavor of your desire?Is it connected power? love? sexuality?

See if you can distill it beyond physical specifics to a feeling. What do you want to feel?

And here's the creative part…. What can you do to create that feeling?

Is there somewhere you can go, something you can say, some part of yourself you can express or allow to be seen?

And here's the challenge, whatever your exploration presents or brings up, even if it does not feel or look like your desire…

Can you still embrace whatever the experience makes you feel?

Can you find the juice in it?

If you give this a try, I'd love to hear what comes up for you... post a comment below!

much love,