Free To Be Dynamic

I hope you enjoyed your Independence this weekend! As we were celebrating the birth of the USA, I was filming a birth portrait for a dear friend. Witnessing a birth unfold was inspiring for many reasons. It allowed me to see what it looks like to ride your edge... that moment where you want to quit but you keep going.  It reminded me that these bodies are capable of so much and there's a wisdom that moves through them naturally if we do not get in the way.  And that most amazing things that get birthed into this world, are often preceded by some challenges and pain. Oh and that women rule for bringing us into this world!


 We come into this world innocent... blank slates, soaking up the sights, sounds, and textures around us. The world around us floods our senses and shapes our brains. We are like sponges soaking up life and letting it move us to laugh, cry, gasp, and scream. As babies our filters and censors are not in place yet. We take in information, and purely express what we are experiencing. It's truly an amazing state, which is why I think babies captivate us.  


And then voices of other people's ideas about the world start to create our filters... ideas about what's right and wrong. What's good and bad. What's expected of us to be loved and accepted. And what will bring us harm and get us into trouble.  We take in all of these ideas and they begin shape the way we see and experience our world. Slowly narrowing the wide expansive sponge of our senses down to only feel and express those things we have deemed OK. We become an edited version of the full beings we are. Which can lead to feeling dull, numb, anxious, depressed, and disconnected. 


Life is dynamic if we let it be. Dynamic meaning an experience of 'hi' and 'lows', gains and losses, mistakes and triumphs, pain and pleasure. I think we dream of enjoying a dynamic life, but get scared of what it asks us to feel. So more often we play it safe. But life is not safe, though we do our best to make it feel that way. At some point these physical bodies and material lives will all go away.  What lasts are the memories, the imprints we make on each other and the world around us. The love that was shared and exchanged.

 A dynamic life  leaves its mark.

Living a dynamic life can be a painful but it can also be exhilarating, blissful, even orgasmic. We all have the ability and the right to feel that alive. We often have to face our fears, and  be willing to step into unknown territory, to really begin to taste this electric thing called life. If you are ready for a taste and would like to learn how to access the dynamic potential in your own body, join us in class this week:


Tuesday July 8th from 7-9p
220 Pier Ave Santa Monica, CA

$25 pre-pay / $35 at the door

Open to Men & Women
No partner or experience necessary
safe environment, no nudity
All are welcome

*Please bring a pillow and blanket, and wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in.*