Use Your Voice

 I can hear you talking…. but what are you saying?We talk as a way to fill space, to ask for something we need, to share ideas. But how often are you speaking your heart's desires? And letting your words and your voice carry your passion into the world? We all come here with our own unique voice to share. But there are so many factors that silence us over time. Which is sad because your voice is one of the most powerful tools you have to impact another human. Sound... and even more importantly the feeling or intention that creates a sound, penetrates us at our core. Think about how a person's voice can relax you or irritate you just from the tone.  And then when we add words to that tone, focusing its power, we can create new realities for ourselves and this world.

People that have become icons through history, are people who were in touch with the pulse of who they were and what they wanted, and spoke it, no matter who it scared or offended. I had Madonna and Prince on the brain this week. Thinking about how they were sexually provocative, before it was the norm for pop stars. Both of them turned a spotlight on our sexuality with a passionate, artistic flare. And they were more loved than hated for it, because watching them ignites our own desire.  And I think most of us are hungry to have that spark lit from within. 
When we communicate our fears and our desires, our vision for our life and our world... we begin to open to our creative power. Which is the same energy that drives our sexuality. Allowing ourselves to be ignited from this space, opens the door to not only feel more alive, but to create our lives powerfully.

You know you're on the right track when you speak something that makes you feel a surge of energy.  You could call it nerves or excitement, either way its energy… and once it gets flowing you are on your way to being a magnet for your desires. It's particularly exciting to do this in our intimate relationships. Sharing our desires and fantasies, as well as our fears, is in important part of creating intimacy with our partners. So take a moment to get quiet. Place a hand on your heart. And feel into what would really light you up right now. What are you longing for, but almost afraid to say?

Yeah that thing…. Now try sharing that with someone you love and trust. And see what you feel in your body. Watch what begins to open up.And if you want a safe space to connect your heart with your voice, and you live in the Los Angeles area, come to my class this week! It's a fun one...
 Tuesday July 1st from 7-9p in Santa Monica, CA

Open to Men & Women
No partner or experience necessary
safe environment, no nudity
All are welcome