There's No Place Like Home

I hope you enjoyed the Full Moon! She was a beaut... and it was a Supermoon on top of that.
The first full moon of the summer was big and bright…. 

I had another bright moment earlier this week when I finally signed a lease for a new home! Me and my sister have been on the hunt for a home for the last month or so. Apartment hunting in LA is a part-time job! I'm thrilled that part is done, and I can finally unpack the suitcase I have been living out of for almost a year.

Yes you read that right, I haven't had my own home for almost 12 months now. After my engagement ended a year and a half ago, the home we were creating together, along with many of the things I recognized as home, came to an end. So I did what made sense for me at the time and honored my desire to travel.  South Africa, Mozambique, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka… I had my very own Eat, Pray, Love adventure as my heart healed and I transitioned. I learned many things about myself and the world along the way, but one of the most important things was...

learning to be at home wherever I went. 

I came to know that home is where I am, and I can create that feeling without being dependent on a person, place, or thing. You've probably heard the saying that 'HOME is where the HEART is'. It's a lovely sentiment, that literally means that HOME can be anywhere we feel love. So we usually connect the idea of home to people and places where love was shared. But whether it's a physical place, a person, or a state of being, that feeling of being HOME, comes from something that happens within us… even if its inspired by something external. But what is that thing? What makes us feel at home? 


I think anything that creates a feeling of comfort and belonging, inspires that feeling of home. The warm welcomes and hospitality I have received from strangers, friends, and family, certainly helped me feel at home wherever I was. As did small comforts like a good bed, or the mini altar that I set up wherever I go.  What evokes comfort and belonging is specific to each of us, but you can also presence these feelings without inspiration from an external source.  When my body is able to relax, and it feels safe to let myself be touched by the people around me, I feel at home in the world. It feels like a warm current moving through my core, a love and acceptance for myself and the world around me. Its incredibly empowering to be able to create these feelings for myself, from the tools and practices I've learned over the years. 


Creating a sense of home in our bodies, means being able to cultivate a sense of peace, safety and belonging with one's own self. When you are able to relax your body and open your heart, you can feel at home wherever you are, and then a whole new freedom opens up. One where home does not have to exist in a physical space or with a particular person.

Of course this is easier said than done… relaxing your body and opening your heart often requires feeling safe, and having the courage to face parts of ourselves that may be painful. But in my opinion there is no more satisfying home-coming, than coming home to your own body. When that happens, love really can happen wherever you are. If you're in the Los Angeles, our Tuesday night classes have become a great place to learn practices that will help you feel more at home in your body, as well as connect with a great group of people. Join us if can! 

Tuesday July 15th from 7-9p
220 Pier Ave Santa Monica, CA

$25 pre-pay / $35 at the door

Open to Men & Women
No partner or experience necessary
safe environment, no nudity
All are welcome