Making The Most of Your Holidays

I’ve been in hermit mode! This time of year does that to me….

It’s like all the activity from the year has caught up with me, and my body is asking me to take a break!

With all of the buzz happening from the holidays, to outrage over injustice, my desire to go within has been strong.  I’ve been taking time to really BE with everything that’s happened in my inner and outer worlds this year. I’ve been listening to what is ready to be let go, and what wants to be born next.

I know that I’m not the only one who’s had an intense year! It’s in the air, on the news, in your Facebook timeline. So if there is one thing I wish for all of us this holiday season, it’s a chance to be still! In nature that’s what winter is all about… Stillness!

Even though most of us will get a little time off from work... many of us will not slow down. The busyness of day to day life, can easily be replaced by busyness with holiday gatherings, travel plans, and other merry-making!  Which can be just as depleting if we don’t take some time to go within and connect with ourselves.

When was the last time you unplugged? No big screens or small screens, no social media, web browsing, or radio. Just you and your environment.

There was a time I would take one day a week to do just that. At first the stillness can be uncomfortable, like… 'what do you do with all that space?' There can even be a little anxiety about missing an email, a call, or some important piece of news. But ultimately it usually feels rich and nourishing to surrender to the quiet. It gives me space to get clear about what’s happening inside of me. And to connect with the people around me from that place. 


Showing up rested, centered, and present, is one of the best gifts we can give to our loved ones!


So even if you have to find it in the wee morning hours, or the dead of the night… gift yourself some quiet time to pause and reflect! Some of us already have rituals to help us do this like meditation, walking, or journaling.

And this coming Sunday(depending on your time zone) is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The shortest day and longest night of the year for us. And the official start of our winter! Many ancient cultures held rituals around the Solstices for the auspicious energies they hold.

Maybe create an end of year ritual, with a practice or process you trust and tap the stillness available, or try just being ‘unplugged’… devices down! 

And If you are a woman in the Los Angeles area, I’m holding one last women’s circle for the year.

This Sat Dec. 20th from 4-6p.

Where we will be doing an end of year ritual to let go of this year and plant seeds for the coming one. (see below or events page for more info)


When we unplug and get still, we create space for transformation to be possible.  Stillness can also bring things up, that can be hard to feel or be with. So if you think you're ready to be supported in a transformation around relationship or sexuality… email me for a free 30 minute Get To Love Session ( And if we decide to work together privately I’ll give you 20% of my normal rates.



Happy Holidays!