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I'm Back From India!

I had an incredibly rich journey in India….. which I'll share more about below. And as much as I love traveling, it feels good to be back seeing clients, and enjoying the comforts of home despite the on-going, un-doing, we are all living through. 

I returned in the midst of the wildfires blazing in Cali, hurricanes busting through the Carribean, the aftermath of the Vegas shooting, and the #MeToo social awareness campaign in full tilt.

The pace of the transformation happening all around us is moving at rate that leaves little time for digesting and processing. So as we head towards winter, may we all find ways to insert a little more stillness into our shorter days....

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There's No Place Like Home

Happy almost Full moon!And it's going to be a Supermoon on top of that.
The first full moon of the summer will be big and bright…. 

I had another bright moment earlier this week when I finally signed a lease for a new home! Me and my sister have been on the hunt for a home for the last month or so. Apartment hunting in LA is a part-time job! I'm thrilled that part is done, and I can finally unpack the suitcase I have been living out of for almost a year.

Yes you read that right, I haven't had my own home for almost 12 months now. After my engagement ended a year and a half ago, the home we were creating together, along with many of the things I recognized as home, came to an end. So I did what made sense for me at the time and honored my desire to travel. 

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