Authentic Power

What is your relationship to power?
Do you crave it? Does it scare you?
Are you indifferent about it?
I saw power mis-used so much growing up,
that for a long time I was afraid of it.
But as I have discovered my own authentic power,
beyond the power plays of the ego. 
I've learned that real power comes from a very different place than I once thought.

Authentic Power comes from
vulnerability & surrender.

Words like vulnerability and surrender are not usually what come to mind when we think about power. Living in a world built around physical survival, power is usually something that is fought for and won. It is the reward for conquer and control of your environment, your emotions…. fill in the blank. This kind of power allows you to have your way through manipulation and control. This is the experience of power over another, which is a short lived victory.

But authentic power comes from surrendering control. From letting go of how we want it to go, and being with how it is. This requires a strength and courage beyond waging a battle with an opponent. It requires us to feel our feelings and face our fears. 

When we surrender our personal agendas and stop forcing our will. We open up a space to align ourselves with true power. The kind of power that creates and sustains life, the power that animates our environment. When we align with this power, we join with the flow of life. And instead of fighting to survive, we begin to thrive.

This kind of surrender requires being vulnerable.
Which can be a scary proposition if you think being vulnerable leaves you open to attack. Life is unpredictable, and its normal to try to feel safer by controlling whatever parts of it we can. But when you are aligned with the power that creates life, the power beyond this physical world. The only real power there is, you have the big guns on your side. 

There is no attack to fear.
Your defenseless is actually your safety.
When your fists are raised you invite a fight, but when your hands and your heart are open, you can now be embraced.

This kind of vulnerability and surrender, brings us the love we really want and all the power we ever need. And touching this space can feel incredibly scary, but it can also feel orgasmic, ecstatic, and blissful.

If you are drawn to taste what authentic power feels like moving through your body, the practices I'm teaching this week can help you do that.

Tuesday June 10th from 7-9p in Santa Monica, CA
(please arrive early, late-comers may be turned away)
Open to Men & Women
No partner or experience necessary
safe environment, no nudity
All are welcome