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Intimacy, Connection, & Love…

Sounds good right? What if you had the power to create these experiences instead of waiting for them to happen?

That yummy feeling when you receive a great hug, a smile from a baby, a cuddle with a pet, or walk through a majestic forest.. That feeling is LOVE, true LOVE.

It's the stuff we crave more than anything. We search for it in our families, with our friends, in romantic connections, from the world. In our own ways we are all seeking to be LOVED. 

We forget how to access it in ourselves, or rather we're never really taught.  So we are continunously seeking it out there somewhere in the form of people, sex, food, drugs n' alcohol, and shopping.  When what we really crave is to be seen and heard, to be appreciated and acknowledged, cherished, we want approval, recognition… We want to feel good! (Read More)



  • Quieting your mind

  • Unlocking your orgasmic potential 

  • Awakening your sexual desire 

  • Inspired Creativity

  • Ease of Manifestation

  • Dissolving body discomfort or shame around sexuality

  • Relationships grounded in intimacy & connection 

  • Being honored and cherished by a romantic partner 

  • Cultivating your Feminine or Masculine energy

  • Finding Forgiveness

  • Radiant Beauty

  • A renewable inner well of energy

  • Feeling at home wherever you go


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GET TO LOVE SESSIONS - are 30 minutes of one-on-one time with relationship and sexual wellness coach Kamali.  In these mini-laser coaching sessions, we will look at what’s going on in your world, especially in the areas of relationship and sexuality. Kamali will use her insight and experience to help you craft a plan, that will shift you into a more empowered space around love and relationship. And if it feels like the right fit to have her support you on that journey, then you can find out ways to do that.