[Article] The Art of Dating - how to cultivate healthy connections

“What allows a romantic relationship to weather the storms of life, while remaining healthy and loving, is the capacity that the people involved develop for self-awareness…”
~ @kamaliminter


With the spring energy now popping, our desire to get out and connect; with people, with nature, with our bodies, usually increases. So what better time, to take a moment to reflect on our dating and relating skills, and how to empower ourselves to have more sustainable intimate connections.

Whether you are single and looking, or in a relationship and seeking better connection; the skills it takes to create and sustain an intimate connection are pretty much the same… And it’s never too late to start practicing them. Intimate relating takes practice, patience, and some good guidance!

It really doesn’t matter if you love dating, or loathe it…. Dating provides us with an opportunity to practice our relating skills, which is valuable, unless you prefer the hermit life.

Even if you are in a committed partnership, setting aside regular time that is devoted to nurturing your connection is essential, to keep love and intimacy alive through the years.

I recently explored this is in a two part article I wrote for  blacklove.com, all about ‘The Art of Dating’. I got to cover a lot of ground and even offer some tools around:

  • What it takes to create and sustain healthy intimate connections

  • How to take care of yourself while online dating

  • How to vet a potential match

  • How to avoid the ‘swipe left syndrome’

You can read more here:






I am passionate about us learning how to relate with more love, depth, and authenticity. And it all begins with how much self-awareness and compassion we have developed with ourselves.  

I’ll be sharing more soon about  Body of Bliss, my two month program for women ready to dive into the next level of awakening around relationship and sexuality.

With love,