Change Is Coming! (Last Call for Privates)


Here we are, already a month into 2018… boom!  You can always count on change, when you can’t count on anything else (that’s supposed to be comforting :) ).  With all the ups and downs that can come in a year,  it seems what people love most about a New Year, is the potential it holds for a fresh start.   

I am finding myself energized by some bigger changes on my horizon both personally and professionally. 

BIG CHANGE #1 - I’m Engaged
The holidays brought many gifts, one of the best being a surprise proposal from my Sweetheart.

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We’ve been through many changes as a couple leading up to this moment. And when I said 'Yes', I was really saying yes to all the unknown possibilities that come with choosing to co-create a life with someone; as well as ‘Yes’ to all the love, growth, and fulfillment we have already shared, and will continue to as we dive deeper. 

I’ve learned over time that the more I can offer myself fully to something, the more that I can give and receive from that experience; and I love the depth, learning, and transformation that becomes possible by focusing my attention in a few select places. So I’m applying this to my offerings this year as well.  

BIG CHANGE #2 - New free content coming your way

I've been in production on some new videos to share more helpful information and insights about the most common questions I receive around love and relationship. If you have a question that you'd like to have answered in one of these videos, reply back to this email.

BIG CHANGE #3 - New Immersive Program for Women
I will be announcing a new program very soon that will allow me to work in depth with a small group of women ready to re-awaken their wonder and awe around sexuality and relationships.

I will pause taking on any new private clients in order to devote myself fully to this new program, so if you have been wanting to do private work with me, now is the time to schedule.


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Click here to set up a free consult by Friday Feb. 2nd to ensure that we’ll be able to work together before these changes happen. And if we’ve already worked together and you’d like to keep diving deeper through private work, you’ll be able to book until March 1st.

So whether you are facing some big changes or just looking to make smaller shifts, I wish for you all the support, resources, and wisdom you need to have more ease embracing change.

Sending you so much love in these changing times,

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