let me help you create your year.

Happy Holidays,
I pray that wherever this love letter finds you, that there is peace in your heart. And if there isn't, definitely make sure you use the gifts I'm offering below!

I'm filled with the holiday spirit, the full moon today, and the blessing of time with friends and family, time alone, and this moment I'm taking to write you this Christmas Day. 

I've had many holiday experiences over the years. From Cosby family like Christmas, to broken family Christmas, to how do I create my own new holiday traditions kinda Christmas. And I'm grateful for it all! The joy, the pain, the laughs and the tears, all the textures of being a human living a full life. 

All the contrast has created a deep appreciation for the beauty and the mystery of this thing called life. 

Around this time of year I like to reflect on the life I lived this past year, and the one I'm creating in the coming year.

And I'm gifting you a simple worksheet I use to help me do this.

You can download it here.
My recommendation is to create sacred space to do this, in whatever way feels right for you. Light a candle, maybe sage or incense, take a moment to meditate on your breath moving in and out of your body. And reflect on your life.

There will be things you are proud of, stuff you desire to change, and this is all great information.

Then invite in your inner 5 year old, who's only limitation was the far eaches of your imagination. And from that space feel what you  really want to create this year. 

You can let your logical mind simplify it later, but first take a moment to put on your creator cap, and imagine if you could create anything in your life or in this world, what would it be?
And how can you take a step toward that this year? I would love if you shared one thing with me so I can hold a vision of that with you!

And nothing gets created on our own. It's a collaborative effort that is impacted by the quality of our relationships.

Primarily our relationship to Source aka God, to our thoughts, to the life force or sexual energy. If there are blocks in any of these areas, our ability to create is inhibited.

The work I offer helps to restore your power to create of your life, by clearing these blocks. So I'm also offering 20% off my private session work if you schedule a free consultation with me by Jan. 1st.  If we decide to work together after your consultation, you'll save 20% off my normal rates. 

And for returning clients, you can get 20% off a package or sigle "tune-up" session of you email me before Jan 1st.

I'll share what I come up with after I do my worksheet. But what I'm clear about now, is that I will be consciously creating my year and my desire is that what I create is a blessing to you and this world. 

Much love, 

Kamali MinterComment