Thank A Woman This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has to be one of my favorite holidays! Despite its controversial origins, at it’s heart its a holiday highlighting giving and gratitude.

I have so many things to be thankful for, including you….. thanks for being on the journey with me! 

But who I really want to shout out a big "Thank You" to this Thanksgiving are the women in my world. 

I’m not going to wait for mother’s day, or women’s day, because what would the holidays be without women?! 

I know there are lots of men that cook and decorate, and are an equally important part of making holiday time special, but I’ll shout out men in due time.

Right now I want to recognize all the giving women do to make our homes and world a better place to live.

I ran into a friend at the farmer’s market yesterday who was cooking dinner for 20 by herself, when my jaw dropped she said 'oh that’s nothing' with a smile on her face.

Which made me think about all the mouths that will be fed by a woman’s hand this Thanksgiving and beyond. How many bodies, hearts, and minds, are nourished by a woman’s efforts all throughout the year?  Most of which go unacknowledged.

I think about all the Thanksgiving dinners my mom prepared so we could share this holiday as a vegetarian family (before it was trendy 😃).  All the energy she poured into nourishing us, into making family a priority, was energy that didn’t go towards building her own castle in the sky.

She sacrificed many things, including her own well-being at times, to be the mother she felt we needed her to be.

Many women give, sometimes to their own detriment, because it feels so natural. The Feminine heart wants to nourish, nurture & love; but in a world where most women are not taught how to do this for themselves first, or don’t have the support to be able to, many women are walking around with a deficit.

A woman who has a deficit of energy, pleasure, connection, and acknowledgment; and a surplus of demands, isolation, and complaints, is a ticking time bomb!  

So if you notice a woman in your life on the grumpy side of things this holiday season, even if she’s put a smile on top of it, she may just be all gived out.  And what’s the best thing you can do for a giving machine running on E? Fill her up of course… with ‘thank you’s’, ‘i love you’s, hugs n’ kisses, and foot rubs!

Be warned that not all women will know how to receive this gratitude... it takes a lot of practice! So be patient with each other and yourselves.

Deep gratitude to all the women pouring their hearts into family and food this holiday season. I recognize the difference your love makes and I thank you!

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much love,



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