You Are Loved

In case you forgot, like I do sometimes. I wanted you to know…  at least in this moment. That YOU ARE LOVED.

If you're not really feeling the Love Bug at the moment, just know that it's waiting around the corner to bite you!


There are so many ways love is happening for us that go unnoticed. With the swirl of mental input, and our long to-do lists. It's easy to miss the more subtle moments where love hides out.  Moments like sipping hot tea or coffee in the morning, sitting in a chair that makes us feel good, or gazing at a full moon.


Or what about the people around you? That unexpected text from someone you were thinking about, a conversation with a friend where you felt heard, that co-worker who did an unexpected favor for you. Love lives in these quieter moments.


Love speaks in whispers more often than it yells, so it is easily drowned out by louder voices. Like the ones of our inner critics… you know that voice. The one that is never satisfied with anything, especially you! The one that is afraid of messing up. The one that loves the word Don't… Don't do that, Don't say that, Don't wear that!


That voice seems to speak loudest and most often, at least in my head :)

And it overshadows the love waiting in the more quiet spaces.

And I don't know about you, but I'm all about feeling more of the love, and less of that other stuff.

So how do we quiet the inner critic so that love's whisper can reach us?


Try this practice on somewhere during your day:


Close your eyes.

Place a hand on your heart.

Feel the warmth of your hand sink into your skin.

Take a few deep breaths into your heart.

Feel the space under you hand filling up with warm breath and coming alive.

What does your heart need to hear most right now?

What will make you feel loved?

Maybe it's that "you are doing a great job"

or "I love you just the way you are"

Find the words that are right for you.

And then let it sink in! Absorb into your heart like a sponge.

Open your eyes when you are ready and see how you feel.


You can stop and do this anywhere during your day when you want to connect with the love that's always there waiting for you.