How to "Follow your bliss"

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Do you like the sound of this, but have no idea how this translates to your current reality? I mean how exactly do you 'follow your bliss', when so much that happens in life seems to work against that?

This quote used to sound like an impossible fantasy to me, but its wisdom has been revealed more and more with each passing year. 

I used to think following my bliss meant finding what I really loved to do. And then finding a way people would pay me to do that thing, would result in a blissful life.

So I became a filmmaker, I loved making films. Pursuing this passion as a career lead to many great experiences, some amazing, some tedious. I learned a lot and I grew a lot, but I couldn’t say it felt like bliss.

This happened in other areas of my life as well. I followed my interests and passions in acting, love, friendship, dance, and spirituality, and it all created a rich and unique life experience, but none of it quite felt like bliss.

I imagined Bliss was this timeless space, where I could feel myself dissolve into infinite waves of good feelings. Where I could lose myself, and all of my baggage, and be restored to some kind of euphoric zero point.

I kept re-arranging the pieces of my life hoping to get closer to that blissful feeling; that sense of rightness, and ease the quote above suggests is possible.

But it wasn’t until a few life crisises set me on the path of doing some deep inner work, that I got my first hit of bliss. 

I was standing in front of a room of over 100 strangers in a personal development workshop. Sandwiched between florescent lights and cheap carpet, when the facilitator asked me a question that made my mind go silent for the first time.

 ‘I’ disappeared, there was no separation between myself and everyone else in the room. Time stopped, and I felt nothing but a peaceful expansiveness.  I was suspended in Bliss.

For the first time I had the visceral experience that bliss was an inside job. No amount of re-arranging the pieces of my life was going to bring this ease.... Bliss arose from a union, that happened within me.

This union became possible, when my thinking mind stopped; when I dropped the fear and tension in my body that stood between me and everyone else; when I became undefended, vulnerable… transparent.

There have been many more moments of bliss since this first experience. You could say that seeking this inner union has me literally “following my bliss”, and I’ve watched it re-arrange my life from the inside out into something my limited mind could not have even dreamed.

I have continued learning about how to access this state of inner union from which bliss arises, and I’m excited to be sharing some of this wisdom with the women joining me in the new class series I have starting April 27th. in Culver City. (see details below) 

Joseph Campbell was spot on... following your bliss does open doors that where once closed. But any doors that open in the physical world are merely a reflection of the doors that opened internally first… those inner openings are where you will find bliss.


Catch the early bird pricing before it ends on April 24th!

Catch the early bird pricing before it ends on April 24th!

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