I Feel Your Pain - Navigating World Changes


"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” - Audre Lorde

If the events unfolding in our country, and the world, have you feeling like everything's falling apart, or like things are worse then ever… I feel you. 

All of the recent acts of violence, all the pain and injustice that has been a part of all of our daily lives recently, has made it hard for me to get out of bed some mornings.

We are undergoing a deep transformation, as a nation, as a globe, as a collective conciousness.  A new level of transparency, technology, and awareness, is allowing us to have direct contact with the actual state of our nation, and the world.

We are waking up to a felt experience that what impacts one of us, affects all off us.

We are waking up to how much work must be done to revolutionize our institutions, our politics, and the way that we understand each other.

We are waking up to a deeper understanding that we are all in this together and there is no way out but through the fires of transformation.

It would be so normal, if you’ve felt angry, sad, confused, or too overwhelmed or defeated to do much these days. It’s important to honor where you are at, and digest what’s unfolding at a pace that you can handle.  

Self-Care during challenging times is super important... Unplug from social media for a bit, take a salt bath, get into nature, be with people who lift your spirits, watch things that make you laugh!

If you don’t have one already, make a list of activities that make you feel good, and schedule at least one a day. Taking good care of ourselves, helps us take better care of each other.

And if you have a spiritual practice... meditation, yoga, prayer, or another way of connecting with Spirit, these things give us strength to ride the waves. They also help listen to when, where, and how to take action from a space of compassion.

My Tantric practice has supported me through my biggest transformations, and I’ve been using it recently to keep from going under. Although I was initially drawn to it to have better love-making and deeper connections, it has given me access to a wisdom and power I never imagined possible.

Tantra has given me a way to love the mundane and the sublime. A way to embrace the terror and the beauty. A way to understand that life is the co-existence of wisdom and confusion, of pleasure and pain. And that my journey is learning to love it all. 

The peace I want begins in me, the bliss I crave begins in me, the love I know begins in me. And when the world is burning, my salvation, begins in me.

And while this knowing may not be as fun as full body orgasms, or all day love-making, it has definitely been helping me to process the shifts taking place in the world today.  

We are all undergoing the hard process of looking in the mirror at who we are being. Some of us may choose to look away, my hope is that more of us will find the courage to stay in the process.

We all have an impact on this world, wether we are conscious of it or not. Our willingness to keep evolving our awareness, to feel the hard emotions, to have the difficult conversations, and to take action from wisdom not reaction, will be what grows something beautiful from the ashes of this transformation. 

If you feel ready to devote some time to creating a spiritual practice that will help you create peace and bliss in your being, with the benefit of also helping you be more orgasmic :)  I have a space for 3 private clients opening up in August. You can read more about the in depth work I do one-on-one with clients here:

And if you want to dive in, reply back to this email and we’ll get you set up with a free consultation. I’m working on new course offerings and will have more info about that soon. And in the meantime, take good care of your precious self!

Much Love,


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