Private Coaching


Space For Love sessions are a powerful way to create more intimacy and deeper connection in your relationships.  Each session is customized to support you on a journey into yourself through simple mind-body-spirit practices from Tantric and Taoist lineages. Intuitive counseling, and energy work round out the support provided. Clients have reported feeling more orgasmic, relaxed, happy, empowered, and able to feel and attract more love.





Romantic partnerships, especially long-term ones, are full of challenges. The tension we accumulate in day-to-day life and the ideas and beliefs we accumulate about our partner can erode the desire and intimacy we once felt with them. As we stay in partnership the richness comes from learning how to turn challenges into opportunities for deeper intmacy. Through sessions you and your partner will learn how to re-connect to the present moment and each other, which can literally breathe new life into a romance. 

The quality of every relationship begins with you. There is no need to wait for the perfect partner to come along to engage in Tantric practice. The discovery and transformation always begins in your own body first. As you learn to connect with all parts of yourself in deeper ways. You will have more access to love & pleasure with or without a partner. And the energy you learn how to cultivate will make you more radiant and powerful. Which has helped many of my clients attract the relationship they desire.

If you’re ready to move forward email to schedule a free 30 min consultation so we can explore if working together will serve both of our highest good.



  • Each session is  1 - 1.5 hrs.
  • We can work in person (in Culver City) or virtually via Skype. (virtual sessions are just as effective.)
  • Each session is customized for you  based on what we are working to shift together. 
  • There is a progression that starts with cleansing and awakening the body, and then advancing to deeper layers, working with igniting the sexual energy for vitality, healing, and transformation.
  • Together we will unlock your full potential for love, using breathe, movement & meditation.
  • In between sessions you receive homeplay to keep the process going.
  • You also have access to unlimited email & text support from me.  And one or two 20 min. phone sessions depending on which package you choose. 

I offer sessions in packages of 4 and 8… I find that meeting weekly for at least a month, allows us to build so that you can really experience major shifts. Most clients end up doing at least 8 sessions once they feel the shifts start.  If we get to work together longer, we can go into deeper layers that require what gets created in the first 8 sessions. 

This work is for you if you are interested in:

  • Quieting your mind
  • Unlocking your orgasmic potential 
  • Awakening your sexual desire 
  • Inspired Creativity
  • Ease of Manifestation
  • Dissolving body discomfort or shame around sexuality
  • Relationships grounded in intimacy & connection 
  • Being honored and cherished by a romantic partner 
  • Cultivating your Feminine or Masculine energy
  • Finding Forgiveness
  • Radiant Beauty
  • A renewable inner well of energy
  • Feeling at home wherever you go

This work is not for you if:

  • You are looking for a magic pill to fix yourself.
  • You are looking for a magic pill to fix your partner.
  • You don’t want to be responsible for transforming your life.
  • You are looking for new sexual techniques to 'get off'.
  • You just want to feel good, without having to feel anything else.
  • You are attached to what you already know about yourself, or how sex & relationship work.

If you’re ready to move forward email to schedule a free 30 min consultation so we can explore if working together will serve both of our highest good.


The work I share, is what I have learned and used in my own life to restore my sense of wholeness, vitality, and attract the kind of love I always imagined possible but previously couldn't create. I spent a good part of my early life trying to 'fix' myself and those I loved.  I explored many spiritual philosophies,  self-development work, and healing modalities, looking for a way to get what was 'missing' from my life. 

But as I got closer to the truth, it became clear that I did not need 'fixing', and neither did the people in my life. We all just wanted to be loved, but had no idea how to make that happen.  I had many 'awakenings' through my spiritual journey and the biggest ones came after I discovered Tantra. I've distilled the truths, tools and practices that I apply in my own life experience, into my own blend of relationship first aid. But if you had to label what I practice and teach, it would be Tantra. Nothing has spoken to me so clearly about the cosmology of our existence as Tantra. Because Tantra is about relationship. Our relationship to our bodies, to each other, to the earth, to all of existence & non-existence. It’s like the manual we never got at birth about how to be in this world and connected to what’s beyond it.  (Click here for a more in-depth explanation of Tantra)
I provide a safe & sacred space to explore your sensuality, your power, and your connection to the elemental forces in nature. I empower you to feel what’s happening below the level of your mind and to begin listening to the wisdom in your body.

Once we begin to strengthen our bodies, our awareness, and listen to the sensations and impulses within, we return to a more natural state... one that allows us access to more of everything, including love. I've watched clients find the courage to touch spaces they were afraid to go, once they learn how to let the practices I teach support them. And when they embrace new parts of themselves, like magic they release what is no longer in alignment with them leaving them with more space for love, pleasure, and connection.

You set the pace. I will help you find your edge but we will never push past where you are ready to go. A very important part of this work is you beginning to tune into your inner ‘yes’ & ‘no’, and give it a voice in a space where it will be honored. When we can step into a space where it is safe to be our fully expressed self and still be loved, we learn to embrace parts of ourselves that we previously kept hidden and repressed. Everything we do in session is confidential. I’ve heard it all and seen a lot… when I step into session with you I suspend all judgement. So the more you trust the process, the more you will get from it.

I want to know what do you deeply desire?  Because that desire is the seed of your awakening.
I work with what you want to experience in relationship, in sex, in love, and in your body. And I help you discover new ways of getting to that desire using breath, movement & meditation. Through Tantric and Taoist practices, Intuitive Counseling, and some Reiki and massage, we will increase your experience of pleasure & love.

All parts of ourselves, even the scary ones we don't want anyone to see, can be a powerful catalyst for spiritual growth when we have the right guidance and support in accessing them. I am passionate about sharing this work, because I do believe that a new world begins at home.
If we really loved ourselves, even those parts we don’t want to admit exist.
If we loved our families, even when they challenge our happiness.
If we loved each other, like we were miracles.... what would this world look like?

If you’re ready to move forward email to schedule a free 30 min consultation so we can explore if working together will serve both of our highest good.