Private Groups

Pujas, Circles, & Sacred Ceremonies

Would you like the experience of being seen & honored for who you authentically are?
In the privacy of your own space?
I can create sacred space & guide ceremony in the comfort of your own home or private space, for a group of people you have gathered for the special experience.


Pujas are Tantric rituals designed to worship aspects of Divinity & Consciouness.
In this 3-4 hour ritual that I customize based on a theme for your group, both couples and singles will have an opportunity to connect to divine aspects of themselves and others.

We will weave together as a group, through fun exercises that will connect us to our bodies and hearts. And then move into partner practices that will be guided to create a safe environment for all to touch deeper parts of themselves. These rituals have a way of bringing the light out in people, and creating intimacy and connection with the group.

*It is important that there is even number of participants*



Circles are a powerful way to come together as community and support each other by sharing ourselves. In this 2 hour gathering, I can lead a women’s circle or co-ed circle around a theme or issue that we choose together. (topics such as: sacred sexuality, male/female dynamics, self-love, communication, orgasm, etc.)

I create sacred space for your group, and the sharing circle gives each person a chance for their voice to be heard. I will also guide us through tantric practice and meditation, to help facilitate an embodied experience of what the theme being explored is.

And then we close together, bringing a completion to what was shared. Circles are a great way of helping a group or community get closer to one another, and have a shared experience around something meaningful.

Sacred Ceremonies  


Baby Blessings, Bridal Showers, Life Transitions...

Once upon a time, most of us lived in villages, and small towns we’re we had traditions and ceremonies that brought our community together to mark big transitions in our lives.

Even though times have changed, we can still create these things for ourselves, by incorporating sacred space with our current cultural traditions. 

If you would like to have a special honoring facilitated at your shower or gathering. I can customize a ceremony for you, inspired by indigenous traditions, and other ideas we come up with, that will allow friends and family to celebrate you in sacred space. 

Rates vary depending on the size of the group and which ceremony you are interested in, contact for a FREE consultation, to discuss what you desire.