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Cacao Ceremony + Sound Bath


This ceremony is crafted to commune with the spirit of the cacao plant and receive its potent medicine which is known to open the heart.

Through guided meditation, sacred circle, movement & a live sound bath you will have a chance to experience the majesty of plant medicine & sound medicine combined.



Cacao is the raw, unsweetened, unadulterated, form of the cacao bean. This is the purest form of chocolate you can consume.

The Cacao you will be drinking is made from 100% un-roasted medicinal grade cacao. It’s blended with organic herbs, superfoods, ghee, and filtered water, for a rich sipping drink.



Five element dance is our way of bringing your personalized intention into your body through movement and music that will journey through each of the chakra centers.



The quartz crystal singing bowl is one of the most dynamic forms of sound healing.

The notes of these crystal singing bowls are tuned to specific vibrational frequencies within the human body.

The sounds penetrate the body and the cells putting us in harmony with the sound wave and assisting us in returning to an optimum healthy state of being.



$20 Early Bird (until Monday 5/22)

$25 Regular Price


SPACE IS LIMITED: See ticket link above where a portion of your ticket will be donated to charity.

Or send your payment through VENMO to: Kamali Minter and then email info@spaceforlove if your Venmo user is different than your name.