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Body Bliss - A Class Series For Women

Do you desire to feel the pleasure, power & freedom that comes from deeply connecting with your whole body?

Imagine that your body could be a gateway for bliss, that your cells could vibrate with pleasure and an aliveness that lights you up from the inside. 

Imagine that when your body is in motion, that you feel sensual, confident, and grateful for it, and there is a feeling of wholeness within, that makes you feel grounded and safe in the world.


Maybe you’ve been rocked by all the instability in our rapidly changing world, and you're weary from change and transition.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the amount of input coming at you, or responsibilities you have to meet.

Maybe you’ve felt a little lonely or isolated, unsure of how to connect with others or even yourself.

Maybe you’ve been longing for a safe space to let go, to feel, to remember the magic inside you and all around you.

Maybe you have a yoga practice or a meditation practice, but you want something more. Something that will help you embody the Goddess you know you are.  

I know I have felt all of those things, and I’ve been lucky enough to have found teachers, and practices that led me to the wisdom I’m now sharing with you in Body Bliss. 

Body Bliss is a sensual movement meditation for women.

This 5 week class series will lay the foundation for being more connected to your body, sensuality, intuition, and the realms of nature & the Goddess.


  • Access Pleasure and Sensuality
  • Melt Layers of Tension
  • Relieve Triggers of Anxiety
  • Quiet Mind Chatter
  • Dissolve Body Shame & the Comparison Mind
  • Connect with your Senses & Emotions
  • Be Moved by Shakti (life force energy)
  • Deepen your Intuition
  • Create Grounding & Safety for yourself

We will use mindful movement and breath, to connect with the emotional and pranic bodies. This helps us drop tension being held in the body and move beyond layers of the conditioned mind; so that we can enter into a space where we can listen to the life that wants to be lived through these bodies.

We will work with desire & pleasure, and learn how to harness these energies to serve our evolution.

We will let go of what it looks like, so we can dive into what it feels like.

We will liberate our feminine movement from the ways its been shaped by the male gaze and social conditioning.

We will work with aspects of conciousness in the forms of the Goddess and Nature Spirits. 

You do not need to know how to dance, or do yoga, or meditate, to participate. You will need an open mind, a willingness to play and discover yourself again and again. And a commitment to co-creating sacred space for you and your fellow sisters to explore.

I’ve created this as a series, so that by showing up each week, you are deepening your experience and understanding.  I wanted to create a container where women could feel a sense of community, connection, and being held in a process of self-discovery.

I’ve distilled some of the most powerful wisdom I’ve received from years of dance, tantra, yoga, and qigong training into a practice that is simple and deep, fun and reverent, and can be approached by all levels of experience.

If you answer ‘YES’ to most of these questions, then you know this class is for you:

  • Would you enjoy exploring your sensuality, pleasure, and power, in a safe environment?
  • Are you a busy woman who wants to prioritize self-care but don’t give it enough time?
  • Are you craving time devoted to connecting with your spirit and your heart?
  • Do you want to know what the Bliss Body is and how it fits into subtle body anatomy?
  • Do want to move your body in a way that feels feminine and non-linear?
  • Do you enjoy being in community with other conscious women? 

Because I really want you to join me for the full 5 week journey so that you can receive the most from this series, and it helps me to know asap who’s embarking on the journey with me…

 I’m offering a special rate for the whole series of $35 a class, if you register by April 24th.

The Regular Series rate is $40 a class if your register for the whole series


$45 a class if you are doing one or more classes

If you are interested but unsure, email me any questions that will help you decide, including if you need to make special payment arrangements.  I believe if there is a 'yes' in your body for attending, there's a way to work it out.



Refunds minus a processing fee are possible up until April 24th. After that you will be issued a credit that can be used for classes or private sessions for up to one year.


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