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The Awaken Weekend

I'm so excited to announce that I am teaching the Awaken Weekend for Embody Tantra.  This is so special because this is the same weekend that jumpstarted my own Tantric journey. A journey that has given me the capacity to experience love & intimacy in a deeper way. And also the emotional strength to meet some of the biggest challenges life has brought my way. 

Why join an Awaken Weekend?

This workshop is open to both couples and singles and is designed to: 

  • Discover how your sexuality is your greatest tool for spiritual growth 
  • Awaken new possibilities in how you relate to your own body, how you relate to your lover and how you relate to your life 
  • Free blocks in your body that are keeping you from experiencing pleasure 
  • Unleash a natural and integrated sexual awakening

*This is a totally safe & sacred environment, exercises are fully clothed with no sexual contact.

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I hope you'll join us for this very special weekend!