someone would hand you a map to a more alive, ecstatic, engaged experience of sex & relationship?

That you could get outta your head, and really enjoy the pleasure that's possible in your body?

Do you long to experience states of being that are deeply relaxing, meditatively blissful, and sensually satiating, in a way that makes you feel more connected to everything and everyone?


is my offering to women hungry for empowering sexual experiences, intimate relationships, and a community devoted to practices that liberate, power, pleasure, creativity & love in their being.

It officially begins with our One Day Immersion on

SAT. june 8th  


(LA, CA /location tba)

Weekly virtual group classes on TUESday nights from

7-8:30p PST

And our completion celebration will be

SAT. JUNE 20th

(time and location TBA)

(all talks, demos, & practices will be recorded for those unable to attend in person)





That there is a whole other version of you that hasn’t been born yet. 

This version of you is radiant, not because of the perfect tan, but because she’s accessed a power, wisdom, and sexuality in her body, that shines through every part of her being.


She walks with a confidence that comes from the deep trust she’s developed in the life pulsing through her.

She has deep reverence in the mysterious miracle of her body and all that it can create.

SEX has become a transcendent exploration of self-discovery, and a practice of openness and surrender.

Her orgasm is more than a fleeting moment of pleasure, it is a deep well of nourishment that gives her energy, inspires creativity, and fosters deep connection.

Her relationships are places where she is seen, heard, honored & cherished.

Where she lets her walls down because she knows how to draw healthy boundaries, and express her fears and desires.

This version of you is empowered by a sense of safety that you take with you wherever you go; a beauty that comes from the way you see yourself and the world, a peaceful mind, a joyful being, and a blissful body. And she is waiting for you to say ‘Yes’.


BUT.... right now there are A dozen things on your to-do list that KEEP GETTING IN THE WAY OF investing in your SEXUAL AWAKENING...


Photo by Kat Smith from Pexels

You would love to silence that critic in your head that judges everything including your body, your loved ones, and your worthiness.

And it’s quite possible that feeling disconnected from your body and the people around you has become so normal, that you manage to cope in other ways and still function. Wine and sugar anyone?

There is a sadness about what’s missing; a longing to feel anything besides slightly numb, tense, anxious and overwhelmed. But feelings require energy you don’t have, sex and relationship requires energy you don’t have, so why bother.


You may worry that something is wrong with you or your body, and you're just not built for all that orgasm stuff you’ve read about.

Maybe you have almost given up on enjoying your partner, sex, even life, more than you currently are.

But you still long for more....

secretly you worry that you are missing out on something.

Somewhere inside you, you believe that if you could just get to the source of what’s stuck, if you could just find the right words to tell your partner how to touch you, if you could just silence all those stupid voices in your head, you could reach the promised land!

you are not alone...

I know how painful it is to want more from your relationships and sexual encounters, but to not have the exact words for what you want, or to know how to get there.

When I found Tantra, or it found me, I was in a relationship with a man who was my best friend but when it came to sex, we were speaking two different languages. The very first time we had sex I cried, not tears of joy either…  I felt like I had been violated because I had not used my voice to express what hurt and what wasn’t working for me. I froze and waited for it to be over.

I might have chalked this up to a bad date, and considered ending it there, if I wasn’t already in love with this man. We worked well together in many other ways just not as sexual partners…. or so I thought.

The longer our relationship went on the more I realized that our sex was an extension of a type of depth and intimacy I was not receiving overall.  I didn’t even have words for it, but something was missing in the realm of connection, contentment, and desire.

I often didn’t feel like my partner desired me, I would usually be the one to initiate sex, and then I would feel bad when something wasn’t working about his touch or pacing and I had to either ask for an adjustment, or suffer in silence.

So when I would find him indulging in porn, or texting with ex-girlfriends, or hiding his attraction for other women in his life, I felt like there was something wrong with me, and he seemed to agree... after all no woman had ever complained about the way he had sex before, so I must just be a sensitive freak.

When I did feel his desire for me, I often felt like an object. Like he was using my body to try to satisfy his own fantasies.  There was a disconnect, even when our bodies where meeting in such an intimate way.

I wanted to feel like he was listening to my body, and could feel the way I needed to be touched.  I wanted him to sense my emotional state and know what I needed more or less of.  I wanted it to be ok that I needed more time to get aroused, and I did not want to feel like a burden, or a nag when I had a request to be touched in a different way or slow down.

I wanted to feel pleasure through my whole body...  something richer than the clitoral orgasm I was used to.  But almost more importantly, I wanted to experience love-making that left me feeling seen, heard, and cared for, by the man I loved.


I read book after book, tried exercises, and techniques, bought toys, even thought about opening the relationship to be with other people, but then I found my first Tantra teacher, and she opened a whole new universe of what was possible in my body, and how I relate with an intimate partner.

Not only did it transform how I experienced sex, it transformed the whole way I experienced myself and my life. Along with the full body orgasms came more laughing, more ability to touch my anger, to access my power, to express all parts of myself.  I finally received the experience of what it can feel like to be loved for who I really am. And because of this all the relationships in my life have shifted, there is more depth, more connection, more honest vulnerable expression, more play, more sex and more pleasure…. there is just more.



increased orgasmic capacity

the ability to communicate your boundaries

feel empowered to act upon your 'no’ & ‘yes’

freedom from shame, pain, and body judgments

remove blocks to freer self-expression

practices to access the wisdom in your womb

fall in love with you body exactly as it is

practice relating from vulnerability and an undefended self


The beauty of this work is that you can approach it from any level of experience. Whether you are new to all of this or have some experience with embodiment work, these practices and this information will give you what’s needed for wherever you are in your journey.

The version of you that you’re craving to step into, already exists inside of you. And this work is a bridge to unlocking that potential.  I have been doing some version of this work for over a decade now, and what I receive from it keeps evolving as I do.

What we are sorely missing in a lot of transformational work, is the ability to stick with it long enough for a shift or transformation to become a part of us and our lives. That’s why I’ve created a structure to help you have this consistency in a way that is still manageable with a busy life.


It’s easier to journey as a tribe than it is to go at it alone, I find that the energy of the group, helps inspire our practice and carries us to completion with more ease.  

Each person will also have an accountability partner to help them stay motivated, and to share their experience with.  The combination of the group experience, and having a galpal, is designed for you to receive the most you can from what’s being offered.


I have curated some of the most effective practices from Tantric & Taoist lineages, info from current science, and results from my work with hundreds of clients. I’ve also drawn wisdom from my own personal practice which includes mantra,  meditation, erotic movement, and deity yoga.



->practices for cultivating love & bliss in your body<-

->practices for healing shame & sexual trauma<-

->teachings around orgasm & your anatomy<-

->womb practices for clearing old lovers & traumas<-

->learn to work with your inner masculine and feminine<-

->pleasure practices for increased arousal and full-body orgasm<-

->practices to balance emotional reactivity and connect with your heart<- 

->teachings about goddess, nature, and their role in your empowerment<-

->make peace with your menses, learn natural ways to alleviate pms & menopausal symptoms<-

*And the first 8 women to register also receive a private session with me as a bonus.*


Module 1:


-Your home and body as sacred space

-The 5 senses as a gateway to bliss

-Cultivating & managing energy levels

- Using the elements to cleanse dense energies

-The spiritual purpose of beauty

-Practices for sensitizing the body


Module 2: LOVE

-Types of love and what they provide
-Turning emotional reactivity into emotional intelligence
-Working with pleasure & pain
-Restoring love after conflict
-Setting boundaries that inspire love to flow
-How to cultivate your 'Love Body'


Module 3: DESIRE

-Cultivating your own aliveness

-The role of desire in all that you create

-Working with turn-on’s & turn-offs

-The role of relaxation in arousal

-Chemistry vs. affinity



-The anatomy of your arousal
-The key pleasure points on a women’s body
-The role of your breasts in the arousal process
-Healing womb & yoni practices (womb massage & yoni/jade eggs)

-Make peace with menses and menopause


Module 5: ORGASM

-Attainable, Sustainable Pleasure

-Demystify the multiple types of orgasm
-Pressure points in the vagina
-How to prepare your body for full body orgasms
-Empowering self-pleasure practices
-What is yoni massage?


Module 6: UNION & BLISS

-Your sexuality as a path to the Divine

-What is tantric Love-Making

-Working with masculine & feminine energies

-Shakti & Shiva: the oldest love story

-The path to bliss through your body



a full day immersion in Los Angeles,CA

location: TBA

(Sat. June 8th 10-6p)

(6) Weekly Online Group Sessions via Zoom

(Tuedays 7:00-8:30p PST)

Q&A time during the virtual group sessions

weekly homeplay assignments to deepen your practice

access to private group sharing on slack app

an accountability partner, for check-ins

a completion celebration, Sat June 20th

(time&location tab)

(all talks, demos, & practices will be recorded for those unable to attend in person)


The First 8 Women to register will receive

(1) private session w/ Kamali (live or virtual)

to be used during the program.



ThE COst of THis program iS $997

Participants of Jade Eggstacy

receive an additional $100 off early bird pricinG.



This Special Offer IS available for a limited time.

Reserve your SPACE WITH A DEPOSIT OF $250.

Your Balance will be due before the program begins. 



When I got home from Body Bliss, we had the best sex we’ve ever had. Ever. I was shaking, like I was before I gave birth, with energy. With power. I understand now what they mean by having a spiritual experience. I understand I am the only thing in the way of feeling connected. I felt this enormous love, and those goosebumps I can only say I’ve experienced after a hard workout, just by allowing my body to lead me. To follow pleasure, no matter what it looks like, is so fucking sexy.
— Brittany
I loved the opportunity to drop out of my head and daily concerns and deeply into my body.  Its been challenging for me to do that on my own, so to have the space and other women doing it with me was wonderful.
— Michelle
I’ve already told other women and will continue to share the potent power felt in bringing attention to the energy within the womb and within the body. The deepening sense of awareness that is discovered, the feminine that is unleashed. It’s surprising to notice, the energy and sexiness that is available with attention and allowing
— Kelly

I’m looking forward to welcoming the group of women who say ‘yes’ to taking this journey with me. I have witnessed over and over again, how much women receive from remembering themselves in this way.

This world desperately needs women who know how to bridge the gap from disconnect, to love, union, and bliss.  When a woman learns how to access the beautiful mystery of life in her body, everything in her and around her transforms!

SPACE IS LIMITED save your PLACE by registering now.